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A friendly neighborhood artist. Mirai is my guardian angel and Shiho Kasuga is my wife!
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A friendly neighborhood artist. Mirai is my guardian angel and Shiho Kasuga is my wife!
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i can actually play now that I got a new phone!



the actually pretty damn close to the ads

and iits actually pretty fun in like the how to make a harem way. simple, clean, and sexy af.

music is not bad.

story isn't very interesting

but the high quality girls and gameplay kinda makes up for it.

edit 1: I do enjoy the game and I'm still playing but i do feel like some parts could be better.

Blue Reflection Sun


As a long bluriff fan, I can definitely say I enjoyed the beta!

It's ran excellently, didn't cause my phone to run hot like a like lot games that used 3d models.

I think the graphics looks great considering its a phone game.😅

The sound and music is god tier like always.

The story is awesome so far I gotten thru in the beta.

II'm not touching on the gacha, as long as the rates are good then I'll live with it. 😌

I think the only thing, l will mention that shiho (my favorite girl btw) her hair in game looks jet black though in 帝 and in the illustrations her hair is dark brown.

But I'm not sure if it's a because of graphic settings or intentional. Do not consider that as a complaint though. It's something I can honestly live with, besides in some scenes I can see a hint of brown.

Last but not least!!

The protagonist....

I like him so far! He feels Very wise, kind and mature despite being a high school student. I think it's awesome he doesn't seem like some otaku that's been isekai'd into that world, he seems to know what he is doing and with good intentions.

As a last message, thank you so much! For giving us the ability to experience as ourselves. even though the protagonist has a bit of his own personality of his own, we still control of the important conversations. WE get to interact and date with the girls which I absolutely love. I'm definitely going to make sure me and shiho go on our homeymoon before they finish the game, after the game release that is.✨😅

Anyways I look forward to full release!!

edit: now that the is released. most of my opinion has not changed but they improved the graphics since beta and the run way smoother now!

despite my phone was supposed to not be compatible lol

alrighty then, ive been playing this so much i hadn't bother to review!

first off, the gameplay...
the gameplay is actually dope AF, aside from the ass and boobs physics which i love, the backgrounds actually look pretty cool! the graphics look great on phone and pc.

the story...
Is so good, you'd think since so much lewd stuff in the story would be trash, nah the story is god tier. i cried during a bond story, no seriously i have a hardtime being horny for a character because their bond story will 9× out of 10 makes me wanna protect them with my life lol. trust me it gets dark.

it's amazing, they trying to stay on par with arknights music which slaps. ESPECIALLY WE RISE AND TuNGSTeN!! MY GOD THOSE SONGS ARE SO GOOD!!!

character designs...
at all so SEXY, even the generic characters. i love Rapunzel, Alice, helm, vesti and Modernia most so far! novel and litter super cute too, tho i hadn't done they're story.

final note:
since launch i only ran into two bugs.
1. was a login error, which was a easy fix. just delete and redownload the game again.
2. harmony cube area got a bug, when you click on it the ui sticks. but you can still use, obtain and level the cube by viewing them thru the NIKKE menu.
anyway that the only bugs I've ran aside that NIKKE runs perfectly.

btw i love ALICE'S VOICE! TOO CUTE!!

ohh yeah, support is extremely fast! i reported the first bug and they got back to me with in a hour which made me happy.
that about it...

I'm absolutely loving this game!
believe me it's definitely amazing, so please have patience with it and I'm sure you are going to enjoy it too.

Memento Mori


the art is wonderful, music is amazing and the story seems pretty cool so far. I'm definitely enjoying the vibe of the so far. Working smooth on my phone too. the extremely long wait felt Worth it.

i like how vibe of the game it reminds me of magia record but with a medieval fantasy. all the characters have a theme and a amazing CVs. to be honest they got a fair share of sexy girls.

i know the Battle system isn't that special, it's unique and i like it alot. it extremely artisy!

honestly the prices of stuff was bad, they had alot of ways to level up faster which probably why their are people were like lvl 50 after 2hrs from release. 😅

but for the most part they are it's a good chill game. don't expect super epic gameplay. it more a very artistic game that does deserve lot's of love!

Idoly Pride | English


I'm looking forward to the game.
It ran perfectly, looks beautiful even at the lowest settings. Once you get the gist on how to play it pretty much smooth sailing.

It's not a rhythm game, its a idol management game like shiny colors! I LOVE THAT.
Gacha rate don't seem that bad and even if you don't get many 5⭐, enough dupe Will Auto evolve the to the next star.

You can choose the idols costume similarly to imas starstage and love live sll star. The story is cute and slightly deep in a way whole way. The translation seem pretty good. (I mean like no memes or western Internet slang. Which makes me happy 😊).

Btw I tried to keep my review nice and simple and don't really have anything negative to say. I was enjoying the closed beta

Echocalypse | SEA


the game it's art style is similar to arknights (but sexier) story is abit of a cliche (subtlety doesn't exist)and the gameplay is literally slow. but it got cool features such as you can choose your protagonist and their gender. down fall to that you can't change it once you start.
the characters got their own anime ultimate skill.
there is a lot of sexy characters and illustrations, and they somewhat open world aspect where you can run around as a chibi of secretary and complete objective around the map.

character level is lock to player level...

story seem like the kind of story when you defeat any main enemies youll have fight at least five more times before the enemies gets that this going no where and accept defeat.

ALICE Fiction


I definitely enjoying this game! (i am a beta tester)

the music is pretty awesome, gameplay is actually unique and fun. story is very very Anime but good. lol
the game it self is super colorful and cute. you can tell they took alot inspiration fgo with some of gameplay and characters backstories.

my only real problem it makes my phone hot really quickly, with only one crash. and the characters level locked to your level which makes leveling extremely slow. lastly the grinding dungeon is very limited so you're better off playing story to get your character leveled.

I'll just say this i dont like being a side character to someone else's story.

even though the game does its best to make your character look Important, the the side kick vibes are too strong. 😅

the moment your character braggs about how amazing the REAL PROTAG is, i couldn't play anymore lol. anyway if you don't mind that stuff then it actually a okay game.

The Baby In Yellow



I'm impressed how smoothly it runs on the phone. keep in mind i have decent gaming phone so it maybe different for lower phones
the graphics looks like splitting image of the pc ver.
and it's update to the current pc update.

ads appears here and there
pay and get rid of ads

amazing so far, customization is wonderful , currency is a bit expensive. the price of a outfit set is like 100$, my guess since the servers just gone up they are sorting stuff out when it comes to prices. the graphics also amazing. you can be multiple classes at once so it doesn't require switching to certain stuff. gameplay pretty simple and don't require both hands. CV is amazing but im not sure if i can change voices.
there is some lag and crashing but since last maintenance it runs abit more smooth. but
im loving it so far.

edit 1: so i finally returned and i can play perfectly now. graphics has to be reduced a bit, but it runs good. outfit is still tight but no longer 100$. i learned you can only be two attack classes which is kinda sad but it something to live with. still no subs....

but still worth 5 to me.

edit 2: i can now enjoy the game a max graphic and resolution. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kono Warui Koneko!


i honestly enjoying this game so much, imagine touhou as a rhythm game you got this.
basically idols + touhou + rhythm games = kono warui koneko!
they give you 6 preset girl with different personalities that you customize as much as you want. (except body proportions and skin)
there alot of styles from sexy to super cutsy. they got it all.
the stats are based of the outfits you wears which you only get thru gacha. yes, you can upgrade them, i only seen character can be asended/limit broken.

also for the most part there isn't a story but there is a songs that you unlock depending on how many star you have. oh there is a batt-- excuse me stage pass where depending how well you do in a song you'll get flags that rank up you stage pass. (p.s I'm sure that's not the name, im just too lazy read the name again) there is a runway where you can show off your girls or "like" everyone elses. there are live gacha, im sure it's like destiny child's live gacha where you can share your gacha rolls with other players.

last but not least! my favorite parts...
the gacha got really cool looking transformation like thing. you can. where you character is on stage dance then they do a pri*chan/ aikatsu thing but as you are transforming you got quickly put on the clothes get in the roll. it kinda like a fancy way to show what you're knew stuff looks like when you get it.
and omg this game pay attention to details when it comes to clothes. 😉
and physics :)

anyways thank you for reading my review

so well it a BIG step up from the last release of this game. the sound actually pretty awesome and art quality way better it was before.
the game doesn't have reroll BUT they gives us a present that allows us to choose a spirit from the regular gacha so it makes up for it.

anyways on the gameplay the DOES NOT have a autoplay feature, but it's a side stroller and it's actually pretty fun if you get around the hit box when it comes to lanes.

something off putting at first is the serphs, the style of them doesn't fit BUT please know they aren't playable they are characters to further strengthen your character. so the off putting feeling disappears very quickly, so I'd wouldn't sweat it. the game allows you to upgrade them alot, probably to make up for not having very many playable characters which is fine.

okay doki so meh favorite part, MY BEST GIRL!
YOSHINOOO, MY GOD SHE IS such a cutie. even though puppet gots a ego, its very charming and makes me laugh. i actually hadn't watch the anime or played the other games. so i hope i can learn alot about yoshino by playing. btw the cutest about yoshino, when yoshinon is talking, she reacts too[開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]

edit 1: I like to add this extra bit about my mentioning of rerolls is to heads up players who reroll, that even if there is no rerolls it's still worth playing since they give you the character you want for free.

edit 2: the new ui is really nice looking!

ahh so cute!
anyway done rambling.
thank you for reading my review.

World Flipper | Global


as supporter to NON CENSORSHIP,

i will say if you ignore the early release characters you will be fine. as a person who also like sexy games that don't get go full lewd too, I'll say their are alot sexy characters and lovely illustrations that a didn't get censored or be don't need to be censored. ive seen it and it puts me at ease.
i this game has my support again. (btw i willl never say the censored art look better because i think it doesn't. i just learned to ignore the censored characters all together. except the fox girl and the darker skin girl you see around, they got really good skill you should not miss out on.)
ooooh yeah they are having amazing collabs like rezero, prinncolle, zombie land etc..

i will admit the story is family friendly to the point you do feel like you are watch kids magical girl series. which can be a bit cliche and it's a bit of endurance.

gameplay and graphics is gorgeous. ii at all morning playing staring because how beautiful the animations are.

lastly i avoid the reddit like the plague because i saw them straight up attack someone for having a genuine question about the censorship. i just don't trust community that doesn't give ppl the benefit of the doubt on first impressions, but with that said they do happily help with technical or how to get better in game. so proceed with caution when going in, I'll say long as you don't ask anything in relation of censorship. you are good 👍
um but I'll say anything related to that stuff just look it up your self.
anyways I'll say it again, game is still pretty fun and amazing if you look past the censorship. so please definitely pickup and give the game a try. I'm certain you won't regret it

this is actually one my favorite Sao game right behind fatal bullet and lycoris. i personally think the graphics are amazing, game play smooth and awesome.
the skill look dope as well.
tho... main only complaint is... rate up is a lie (for me) i remember spending at least 100 + 200 dollar for sinon (on her rate up) in past got ever other 4⭐ instead and still no sinon btw lol.
i have no idea how everyone is able to get ever card they want without whaling. I'm honest impressed. once i got swimsuit ronnie and orbital scale sugu my luck because non existent lol. but i got my best girls so I can't comPAIN too much buttt....

my favorite bits
ALOT OF THE CARDS MAKES F*CKIN WORTH IT I SWEAR. Almost every MAIN character has a spring or bath card (no promise on male characters but i imagine kirito should have one by now). kiritos new expansion cards looking awesome despite me only really focusing having my best girls. (yes i know ggo kkirito s best girl(boy) too but I don't have ggo kirito.[可憐]) . some cutscenes could use some work but i love them all. BEST THING I SEEN COMING BACK.... F*CKING LONG HAIR RONNIE!!! MY GOD THE SEXY THING I EVERY SEEN ADDED TO SAO SINCE THEY ADDED RAIN INTO THE SERIES. LORD HAVE MERCY AND THEY HAVE BATH CARD OF THAT VERSION TOO.... I WANT EACH CARD OF HER IT BRING ME PAIN SEEN MY LUCK IS SO BAD THAT I GOT LUCK FOUR 4⭐ BEFORE GETTING HER. (STILL DON'T GOT HER BTW) BUT I WILL STILL HAVE HOPE.... anyways sorry for my gushing....[委屈]

imma go outside and touch some grass now...[難過]

it's chibi hockey...

it's a cute game, but I feel the creators was trying hit the uma trick. not the horse girl part but taking a popular sport and adding cute animated girls. it works but doesn't..?

here I'll say...

the art style gives so much bandori vibes to point that i actually would believe them if the developers mentioned they are the artist same but the art was already done back when it was announced. (which was ages ago)
since the art feels like first year Llsif. which isn't bad just feels outdated.

the character design... is super cute! but the main character design feels generic. they are on line with love live's main character with orange hair trope.(not really a trope anymore but im sure you get me.) which why everyone seem claim they look like characters from LL and BD. I personally think the rest of the characters is fine.

the music... is okay but on my first match it felt like i was playing a kpop dance game.

anyway i played thru the tutorial, and did the gacha.
i mainly started playing because of the bandori collaboration... because i thought they involve the band leaders... nope just poppin party... no Aya for me..

I'm probably not gonna continue anymore then i have, I don't have much interest in ice hockey.

i hope my review helps 👍

It's very much a amazing game, but it requires a powerful phone with as lot of space.
if you have both of those you are good.

music is awesome especially if you like idolmaster or love live music then you'll have a field day with it.

gameplay is actually very smooth, every movement is lovely and cute. especially watching them flick their ears and tails.

normal story is kinda like the anime in a way, and training story is kinda mix the girls school life and exercising for races. event in the training storys matter towards your horse stats *be careful*.

lastly no one says, i have fair share of horse girls i find sexy but be careful on you handle showing you contribution as a fan. cygames is incredibly strict on how you display you're feeling torwards the girls. talking about them is fine. but making things such as illustration, memes or videos that the real life horse owners would uncomfortable they will copyright claim it or ask you to remove it. i don't know if this way of acting effects playing the game but i personally don't take chances after my illustration was removed from pixiv. (by cygames)

it's great to play this game again!
the game is amazing as always.

❤️Horny for Kotori, Shizuku, Karen, Hanamaru, Ayumu, riko and Maki ❤️

i sat for a hour writing actual review.... just for it not to save...
so I'm not going to type it again. but long story short i review updated it

ITS SOOOO SLOWW, im not sure if it my phone or it the game.
my phone doesnt ever slow down games except this so i have no idea. aaandd it need vpn.

MEGA MAN X DiVE | English


it's actually pretty fun, you can play as most of the characters from the series including exe megaman. i will say the control can be weird, like swiping the dash and the jump to do long jumps.

they do have small changes from the japanese version, but its insanely small. so small unless you looked it up. anyway its awesome please do try it.

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