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May the food be ever in your flavor.
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May the food be ever in your flavor.
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Good game.
Semi translated to broken english, pop-up tutorials and some skills are not, exluding story which quality of translation improves greatly.
Devs are generous and add a lot of qol changes each update which is so rare this days.
Arknights for example added claim all button for dailies after 2 years, but its only a small indie game studio so its to be expected.

Revived Witch | English



Arknights | English



World Flipper | Japanese


Similar to many people, I quit this game during the great wind nerf. Nerfing the #1 universal element right after the banner with core unit in it left me with sour taste in my mouth. Since i stick with my principles I haven't tried to come back to this version of the game thinking that when/if global releases I will start again there.
Global release was so shit that I came back to jp version just to spite kakao and boy my mind changed quickly.
First of all I was welcomed with ~30k gems that piled up during that year and a half then I noticed non-stop raid notifications which, compared to global version segregating all regions, immediately tells me that population is alive and fine. When I went to do some rolls I noticed that in addition to gems I had some single use tickets and 10x tickets for both weapons and characters. I thought that it must have been some limited rewards for retweets or whatnot and left it at that. I checked daily stages, some new modes rewarding mana board upgrading materials, labyrinth rewarding some tickets as one-time clear rewards and they added new difficulty to elemental stages. All in all nothing to exciting. Then I checked currently running event, my teams were pretty bad since I didn't have new units, but even tho I did like ~5% of boss total hp on hardest difficulty, it was no problem clearing it with pub. After couple of kills I wanted to see rewards and I was shocked, remember those tickets? The event had 10 singles and one 10x ticket which shocked me because with additional crystal rewards for daily event missions I would have enough for 40 pulls during 2 weeks this event ran. Next event was similar altho with 10 pulls less.
Now, there is no guarantee, nor pity and the 5% to get highest rarity feels more like 2% but they are shitting free pulls on me so much that I think they are trying to convert me into one of those weirdos that like scat doujinshi.
Overall I'm really glad that global release was even bigger disaster cause it made me come back to this game.

I'm still looking for that "Sense of Pride and Accomplishment", altho after your stock fell 40% I hope we wont have to wait too much longer.

Epic Seven | Global


Good art, animations and sounds... and thats it. Gacha rates are 0.25% better than FGO for 5* and 4* rates are worse than some other games rates for 5*. They added pity system that you may be able to use twice a year. Initial 30 reroll is nice and insulting. Its like a honeypot meant only to entrap you in thinking that gacha isnt that bad but even then if you dont get what you want, you either stick with last result or from now on you will be known as XXXsephiroth420blazeit#69, they could simply not limit it. You can beat story with 3* but if rarity truly doesnt matter then why not have everyone same rarity.
Progressions is one of the worst, when farming gear you need to pay attention to: which slot it takes, tier, rarity, primary stat, secondary stats and after each enchant which stat got upgraded, all of it totally rng.
Personally I wouldnt bother with this one for too long. Its similar to AAA pc games these days good graphics with shit monetization and out of touch devs.

Google Translate



Azur Lane | English


Cute boatgirls in a game that isn't a pure rng simulator like certain other game with shipgirls in it.
I must applaud devs for sticking with people that will actually play this game, not SJW and NOT CENSORING ANYTHING. So many limp dicked devs/publishers lately are censoring their western ports of mobages because they fear SJW. Guess what, they won't pay your bills, they won't even play your games in first place. Lying about lack of censorship and calling it "localization" just proves how dishonest some devs can be, removing original content = censorship, localize my butt.
Anyway, where I was going with this is that even tho I dont have time and I'm already HEAVY invested in JP version of this game (started playing soon after its release, rank 101), devs showed that they care about community so I will be spending some $$ on that sweet skins for my 2d tittyboats that I don't own on JP.
After NepNep event I realized that translation got much better and isnt really a problem anymore.

Kemono Friends: Pavilion


Cute little "game" to spend some time here and there in order to read some cute interactions between friends. Big letdown is that its not voiced but as long as your phone space isnt an issue, like in my case, then having it on and checking once in a while can brighten your mood.

No english tho

Prime example how dedicated fanbase can push your product way beyond what it is really worth. Turn based 80% rng combat, 1% gacha rates without failsafe mechanism and facebook campaigns sometimes being so generous as to give enough for single gacha pull. Story is good altho translation is pretty bad at the start but improves in later chapters. Being on top in grossing charts would make you think that they can spend some more money and have at least fully voiced story but nah. You have to grind for everything and cant even level units by simply using them. Kudos for releasing new content regularly and ease to clear story, even without pulling those 1% units.
Overall at best mediocer game which got overhyped into next plane of existence. But hey, if you enjoy franchise its not that bad. I personally am still playing it cause it gives context for alot of doujins which is a prime reason to play anything.

Azur Lane | Japanese


Better Kancolle with an actual gameplay.

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