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Just someone who loves playing video games..
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Just someone who loves playing video games..
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[開心] An interesting game, no gacha system so there is no pay 2 win. You can get any units from completing main story, need to grind for their better weapons / gear though.

Arknights | English


Pretty good game actually, I just downloaded it yesterday and got hooked, spent a lot of time rerolling for Siege but ended up got her from a single summon [開心]
I also like the Practice system in the maps, that way I can make some strategies.
Btw when the character is just summoned he/she saying something and can't be skipped, it need to be fixed.

Love this game, the graphic and sound is awesome. I didn't watch the anime version but I can follow it from the game just fine, battle is okay too. If you also play FGO then it won't be difficult. Just one thing that I hate, the Gacha rates is poop. Pretty much like FGO.

Nostalgia of my childhood's favorite show!

GrandChase | Global


Pretty good game so far but please increase the SR units summon rate a bit.

Love and hate at the same time. Love the story, graphics, gameplay and also the character. Just one thing that I hate about this game, which is the summon rates. I guess that's what gacha game is. Been playing before the Okeanos singularity came out and love it ever since, just need to prepare for the endless grinding material hell if event comes out......

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