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Blue Archive | Global


Funny how I can play the game on my Galaxy A12, but google play says I can't and it doesn't even show up for me (global).



It's like fighting game and a music game made out in a theatre and this is the result.

Not bad though!

Thematically like Dark Souls but with crafting and survival.

There doesn't seem to be any setting for volume and I can't figure out how to select a different character... whether they unlock through the story or when I get to a certain level. >_<;;

I like the simplified controls and the ui isn't in your face with ads and buttons. Lots better than the pc version.

SoulWorker: Zero


Beautifully done port of a so-so pc game! Now if we can just get the other two girls.

Food Fantasy | English


Pretty cute, seems like an ecen mix of genders too.

The Mirage of Steelblue


Seems like a much better version of WSG. Will def. like and play this when it gets an English/Engrish version.

Blank City


Love the art and graphics are pretty good, gameplay could be better.

Shinobi Nightmare


Don't bother downloading it, they ended service this month.

Vital Gear


Dull... the art for the girls was good, every thing else was meh at best.

Would love this even more if it had English.

Tokimeki Idol


Lag makes it unplayable for me.

I like this better that the others but I wish it had English subs.

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Ok, so it looks like you unlock characters as you go which is pretty meh. [白眼]
You can turn off the music and I think voices by pushing your phone's back button and a little window should pop up. Or at least that's how I did it the first time... [汗顏]
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