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graphics: the best! but my phone can't handle their kirakira buling buling radiance so I have to tone it down for the poor phone's sake πŸ˜… keep everything the lowest but set the resolution to highest, then set the anti-alias too if you want your phone to not lag as much but can still look (somewhat) smooth.
sound: the opening song is awesome! I love the way she sings and speaks English, so beautiful!
gameplay: an interactive otome game with badass combat system? sign me up! don't worry even if your device is a little bit crappy like mine! since the combat is pretty easy and you can blast through them with highly leveled up cards that match the requirement. and there's an auto button too. you can make a lot of mistakes but you would still win.
storyline: typical Paper's story where you think it's just a normal visual novel game but then it slaps you with a plot darker than the black hole πŸ˜‚ jk I haven't made much progress with the story so I still don't know yet but it's promising.
value: definitely good! it's not as money-grabbing as a certain Paper's game for now πŸ˜‚ even if it is, the game isn't available in my country so I can forget about spending money, haha... πŸ₯²
summary: the most promising otome game this year. I'm definitely playing it even if my phone lags like crazy.

My Secret IDol BF


This game is about a girl who was forced to crossdress as a boy in order to join a boy band by her dad. It's not BL ok, don't mix it up, they clearly wrote that the character "I" 'disguised as a boy' in the first picture.
I read the prologue and it's great, everything is great, the art is awesome as seen in the 2 pictures, each guy has a difference characteristics and you could immediately tell the personality of each guy (surprisingly I like her dad before I like any of the guys, he's a handsome old man haha), English translation is good and understandable. The "not great" part is that I can't get past the neverending loading screen to play any guy's route TvT.
It seems to be a game that requires us to pay in-game currency (gold) to unlock chapters one by one, but I don't know whether the cost is reasonable/f2p or at least don't p2w too much or not, since, like I said, I can't even process past the free chapter, not to mention the paid ones. It seems you can check-in once a day for 45 gold though.
*Edit*: Guys, head over to Google Play to download the new version, cuz apparently they updated the game but Qooapp didn't, and that update fixed the 'can't get past prologue' error. I paid for Jisung's main story and it costs exactly 45 golds, which unlocked 2 episode. I expect the golds would be harder to earn from this point onwards though, since there ain't anyway else beside daily check-in and following their Twitter & YouTube page. There are 3 characters who have routes (Main Story, Epilogue, Another Story, Another Story Epilogue) and the other 3 don't have a route yet.

Love Choice


It's like a series of oneshot shoujo manga, except it's really, really short. It only took the main characters (a shoujo protagonist and her crush) 4 scenes for them to switch from being strangers/acquaintances/having a crush on each other to being in love. There are several stories, and the troupes are taken from shoujo manga such as forbidden love between a student and a teacher, having a crush on a boy, etc...
Sometimes when you chose the wrong choice it could lead to hilarious situations like when the girl gave chocolate to her teacher whom she had a crush on, she didn't tell him she liked him and wished to date him, but instead 'very grateful', so then he showed her the enormous amount of chocolates he received (and told her he would eat them in the order when he received). Or when she graduated from high school, the teacher came congratulating her (they made a promise to wait until her graduation if you choose right) and when she said out loud that they could date now, the police would come and arrest him.
It's a good game to try IF you can bear the 5s ads that pops up every single time you make a choice, not to mention the permanent ads at the bottom. The ads are annoying so I quit, but if you think you can handle it, try playing this game.

be careful when you decided to play, because this game is so charming you keep finding yourself back to it every once in a while xD I'm not exaggerating, there are many great campaigns that literally throw presents at your face. it is a bit grindy though

To anyone who is complaining about how this game (or any other games you might encounter) doesn't let you change the MC's gender: I don't know if I should say that you're overestimating or underestimating Japanese games πŸ˜‚ With my experience playing both male and female oriented games, I come to this conclusion: "like it or not, a (Japanese) game is either male or female oriented, and usually it's for straight people". There are LGBT-friendly games too, but I'm talking about the majority of them. Even in games where you get to choose MC's gender, there might be some things that suggest which one is the target the developers aimed for, male or female?, e.g they release more bishoujo than ikemen, etc.

Don't believe me or want to argue? You can just play more games and see for yourself then, this is only what I deduced. So, no offense, but if a game doesn't suit your taste, you can find others to play then, because complaining isn't get you anywhere, as it didn't get me anywhere either.

(Side talk: I played one game in a male-oriented series that got an FeMC when it was remade, just to make it more interesting to players. Since then the FeMC have never been acknowledged as canon and the later games in the series never have any other female MC too. An example of how stubborn the developers could get regarding their chosen targeted audience.)

Unique storyline that's unlike any otoge you have ever played. If you decide to play, stick around and you'll know what I meant. Its first few chapters were sweet, but when you advance further, will that still hold true?

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no way, is this real? Persona 5 for mobile? if it's not I'm gonna be really disappointed Read Note
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