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Teria Saga


Easy to reroll, account deletion without limit.
Coop has issue with lag atm and healers doesn't work properly in coop.
Huge grind on event if you wanna get your free SSR and limit break them.
SSR 3%, your 1st 10 tutorial rolls can be done quickly by skipping dialogue.

AlterRecord Adjustment


Gacha pool banners shares fragment, weapon and units together under one.

Destination: Dragons!


Watching Ads gets you tons of in~game gold, through opening Gold chest.

Alot of wait time on training, otherwise you need to keep tapping to reduce time, sadly that's also the most efficent way to level up your character skills.

You only have 30 action per monster (it increase for every new monster you breed), every training, battle, map will take up one action point.

So it's kinda like roguelike with progession.

Monetization is only in-game gold, gold helps you progess as it skips the time needed for training.

Hope to see this coming in English next month.

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