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Have fun
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Have fun
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Touhou Arcadia Record


The gameplay is so much fun. The graphics is really good. The sound is okay. The storyline probably good since I can't read it, but all of Touhou story so far that I knew was really good so I can guarantee the storyline on this game should be good as well. The value is really good

Touhou LostWord | Global


This game is really good. They have a good story and they know how to make the player to choose one of the multiple choice for the conversation and you will now if you do it wrong or not by continuing the conversation after you choose one of it. It's really fun and I enjoy their story so far. The gameplay itself really good, but the gacha is so expensive because you need the Coin and the Sealing Crystal. Other than that, it's a recommended game for people who loves Touhou Project, RPG, Bishoujo, or Turn-Base game

At first I think this game will be closed because of pandemic and the gameplay didn't interesting. But seeing that this game still alive and has so many collaboration, it makes me realize how awesome this game really is

This is really fun game. If you're a Bang Dream fans, probably you'll like it

Good game. I enjoy the gameplay and the collaboration gacha and event

The gameplay is fun and enjoyable, but only their gacha is thr problem

Good game just like Tenka Hyakken (the game has already closed)



Love the Nanoha Collaboration event

Kamihime Project A


the best game



The best game

This is a good game. I thought at first this is an Idol game meaning it's rhythm game, but I was wrong. I'm not suitable anymore to play rhythm so this game impressively surprise me

I like this game since I love the anime

Love their beta version

Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


Hope they add more collab character such as Hatsune Miku, etc

lot of bonus for the new player like me. Love it

I Love everything they made. Only for the story that I can't understand. Please make the global version too

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


I love this game, but please give me more stamina. This game really need a lot of stamina to play

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