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Helios Rising Heroes


Graphics: is good,idk maybe is new game for my phone sometimes i stuck loading for a bit.

Gameplay: classic gacha ur oshi, grinding for ur oshi card.
but the the down part is the battle system is long af. instead skip battle they do auto battle...which u have to see thru the same battle with how many times u set the auto battle.
(add on, as f2p the gems is hard to earn tbh 10 pulls 300,story only give 1-2 gems gotta grind hard that u should 😔)

Storyline: i can't read Japanese so i skip



[edited]So,I've been playing for 2 months,Gameplay is relaxing,Not much action it just 2D graphics
Is easy to handle after played few hour for new player.
Gacha really are testing your luck,some player does 1 roll can get 5🌸 (so just gonna pray for these buddha god grand you luck,hahah jk.) The game dev does they work keep on maintenance,but sometimes still have some bug,I don't complain much as long dosen't cause much problem.
The CGs for those Skill card and Mandora unlock is well done.
I'll be help updating any news from the twitter to here,If you have any problem on the gameplay welcome to ask me as well!

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