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Pretty good but still needs optimization. Uses approx 60-70% GPU (Medium Setting)

Pretty good game, the only prob is their server.



Since Ruru's voiced by Inori Minase, I'll rate this 5.0[怪笑] kek.

But yeah, actually a pretty good game. Also not experiencing connection issue.

If you cant install the game from QooApp due to installation error (obviously), just search for the apk by using google. The problem is prolly in the apk that QooApp gives. Also, make sure your Android ver is 6.0+

Actually a good game but there are times that you will have to wait up to 10 mins queue on PvP lol (because it is a newly-released game obviously xd)

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we're not allowed to post a screenshot of the gameplay while on CBT but, have a nice look with this cute miku Read Note
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