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Been waiting for EN release since day one of the JP.

A really bad game, total disappointment.

Amazing, it's everything I was expecting and more.
The artworks, OST, gameplay, absolutely stunning.
It reminds me a lot of Priconne and Priconne is one of my favorite games.
to all the people having trouble, I recommend you to use TunnelBear VPN to get into the game, you just need it to pass the Title screen and then you can turn it off and have 0 problems.

Akanesasu Shojo


Everything is good except...
it's way to p2p oriented.
My first gatcha was only 1 actual character and the rest fragments, witch you have to gather to unlock a character...
Really disappointed since I've been waiting for it since it was announced.

I've been waiting for this game since it was announced and I'm loving it so far.

Kirara Fantasia


One of my favorite games

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Great start, with the ticket I got a Kazuma Dupe. Read Note
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