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1. graphic is good, is slick and very nice for phone game. no complaints in their arts direction, both cage, battle and story arts design is calm and somber. it's fits their themed perfectly.

2. ost, god dam, should we even ask? its fantastic.

3. gameplay, boring, like boring, super boring, its sino alice boring.

in the other hand, its good for casual player who doesn't really care or thriving for anything. just keep play and play, collect and collect.
if you want to play this game, please keep in mind, the main point of this game only in story (if you like merciless gacha, that is too)

Warau Ars Notoria


1. graphic is great, very slick and clean, i love this artist design. i know them from conception and re zero. and they did a great job here.

2. the ost is popping, whats up! love it they know how to make good ost. love battle and gacha ost.

3. gameplay is... boring, like nothing new, but its fine i guess, its type of game which you can just leave it on auto.

overall good for casual player who just want to enjoy the game and not really aim for anything.

okay, here is my take

I like it, like... really enjoying this game.

1.graphic wise, this game really nailed it. and i like their direction that makes the steam machine an exo skeleton instead of bulky capsule design they always use.
nothing wrong with original design, but by considering how many the unit we have (this is gacha games after all), you need little bit characteristics. and with exo skeleton they managed to bring each character into very unique individual.

2.gameplay, it's decent and very easy to understand. it's almost like FGO in a way, but not really. your MC which the Kacyo, have some kind ability that sinilar with master in FGO. and each unit have their own unique passive/spell skill.
they devided combat into 3 action, advance, stay on your ground, fall back and stand on your ground. very smart mechanism which using the startegical and positioning, it's very thoughtful yet not complicated.

3.each unit have their own unique blast, or ultimate, or finisher, or whatever you called it. i like game that favour their unit regardless their tier list, not much people and companies appreciate that.
i feel less mad to get unit that I don't like, yet its more because I don't like them as appearance, not because how they are usefulness.
so, i give A +
and this is coming from somone that swing other ways, if you catch my drift, so it's pretty big deal.

4. this is supposed to be harem game, and i love if fans services game didn't pushed their agenda and let you enjoy whatever way you want to enjoy.
so far, there is no section where I'M FORCED TO PLAY the section. i mean they did introduced me with it, but up until today, i don't think there is any sign they tell me or point me to do that at all.
love this, because just because you sell boobs and food, doesn't mean i want to eat your boobs, maybe i came solemnly for the foods.

last word, play it guys, it's fun, so far i have no problems

oh edit!
i have one problem, they didn't use geki teikoku kagekidan as opening, shame on you! lol



aside from lewd content, the animation is janky, and the gameplay overall is not something breakthrough.

but hey! you'll like it if you like it.
I'd say give it a try

Helios Rising Heroes


this game is good, like really good. I'm surprised how polished it is, for a game to meant to be fans services, this is beyond my expectations.
for anyone that searching for new experience, you should try this game.

combat gameplay, have you ever experienced the FGO battle gameplay? yes, it's similar but not quite. FGO introduce you with their 3 type of card and it's randomly generated and you pick 3 of them each turn. in this game, they referred this as combo, each character will have 3 slot that will be fill up each turn, and you need to ordered 4 action of combo from any Characters you want (if they have their slot available). this could be fill up from same character, which will result in the combo animation just like if you pick same Characters card from FGO, if you decided to mix macthed the action from multiple Characters, if this Characters have "link" their next attack will be increased.
they also have specific Characters skill, just like FGO, this is could be magic, support skill, etc etc.
in any case, the combat really have deep into it, but it's easy to learn.

the system gameplay, the basic character growth it's almost as the same as any other gacha, so I wouldn't go deep into that. but they have this "link" systems Which, if Characters seems know each other or related in some way, this will be give them great benefit during combat, and they also have this elemental system, you know basic paper-scisscor-stone old stuff.

graphic, very nice, it is actually a 3d model, but represent in 2d movement, very good. the movement and the animation looks really fluid and not look awkward.

mini games, of course, this is fanservices game after all, just like honkai impact, they have this mini room decoration and Characters interaction.

the character, this is gacha game so I won't grow deeper, but in gacha, they mixed character with "frame", "frame" is somehow like equipment or card you got like FGO dragalia that give you status boost. so proced with caution.
the character it's the same but have different looks depend on their rarity, their rarity also determined their "link" and "ultimate", so in order to build a good team, you need very careful who you aim for, thought, if you like me, a casual player, I don't care much lol.
unfortunately the rarity do not change the combo/attack animation, but it does have unique "Ultimate" so i think it's okay.

overall this is a very polished game, remind me with heroes park, but this one much much more polished and not much leaning to fanservices, which is good for casual player.
p.s I'm done with this over sexual woman and boobies, it's about time male have the same sexual exploitation, not half assed chibi and sad excuse low maintenance gameplay.

the pixelated arts is lovely, love thier individual pose, very fluid and very unique. the gameplay arts also very-very good, the animation really blown me away.

the gameplay mechanics very good, easy to understand, not much of complicated. the battle system is okay I guess, there is no auto repeat and it's very grindy, with this game doesn't have auto repeat function this can be a draw back for some people.

the Characters customisation surprisingly very deep and very interesting, there is lot thing you can do for your character to become strong.

hows the game work:
this game leveling up, do not work like any other game. it is not traditionally level up one by one, instead your character each parameters is increased depending on the battle results.
if you have been playing FF2, that is how it's work, but if you been playing SaGa series, then there is no different at all.
skill will be learn in RNG fashion, so you need lot of battle sometimes for character able to learn specific skill, sometimes not really that long.

SINoALICE | Global


the graphics is super good, the ost even better.
the story is very dark, if you do not used with Yoko work turn back now, because what you about to handle is more more darker than what you imagined.

this game very favour guild wars, so you better commit to support your guild, of course you can play without guild or something like that, but for some reason the game mechanism is more toward multiplayer and Guild wars.

the gacha basically focused on weapon and job, which Characters is not really important, it's all up to you, but collect as much as possible that said character's job is a must if you want to be stronger, since the status upgrade mechanism is fall to their accumulated Job status, so it's better to have many different jobs for Characters you like to use.

weapon is your entirely output and input status, so it's better to have SR as much as possible, for some reason weapon less than S is a bad, kinda bad I should say, because SR far far useful and stronger.

the gameplay are boring tho... like straight up I won't lie, Boring~~~~~ and that is no helping it.

for short, if you like waifu and focused mechanism to your waifu, this is for you.
you like dark story, also this is game for you.
you like trashing other guild, this game for you.

okay, graphic? it's good, like really good. however, the frame rate drop issues still bother me. I use MiX and game like Black dessert or Honkai never shown any problem, but this game keep getting terrible frame drop, no matter I tweak the graphics option inside the game. i don't know whether this is my phone, or this is something that will be addressed by the developer. in any case the 3d model really smooth anime like, I don't think I have to complaint since it is a good model after all, no apparent glitches so far.

the connection or server issues is real! oh boy, for delayed game with this hardcore issues I don't know what to say that can be uplifting. the loading time between the screen... oh my god! it's ain't better than the "neighbor" title! I guess "cresto made to be simpler due to make the performance quicker" ain't valid huh?

story? so far... okay I guess, but it's not like everything fully revealed, so I need to wait, but kinda so-so.

ost/soundtrack, oh boy, this is good, like they ain't playing around, they go ham with this. they also no joking when they said they want to make this tittle in their main ship, no sure how true that is, we know what happened with tales of tempest, we will see.

gameplay? a joke, like... this is some kind 3d epic seven, knight chronicles, what else? summoner wars? exos heroes? basically that's game but just few, like FEW tweak.
1. don't hope or even wish your SR chara as good as SSR, their skill won't even stand even a little with SSR. compare other game that similar with this game in mechanical view point, this game ain't favour lower rarity chara, other game still giving you lower rarity chara an ultimate or break limit or whatever you called flashy move that special to them, in this game only SSR have that privileged, so that... something I guess. at least their "neighbors" title give you basic ultimate for each character, let that sink in.
2. somehow they have combo mechanism? thought for me if you don't have SSR kinda pointless mechanic? I mean you'll know what I mean when you play it. it's hard to describe.
3. that memorial or memory fragment, kinda give interesting mechanism, but... kinda luck clusters, the Idea is to give your party bonuses by using a memorial shard that fits your play style, but again, most of the memorial shard is like favour specific type of Characters instead of giving team bonuses, you know? like "give 30% evade chance to knife weilding char", well if you have it, if don't? let it covered in the dust I guess.
4. so far nothing actually stand out from this game, it's like FFBE but have so many flaws. the Characters pool also wasn't even that good for now, so the selection is far far worst even for new open game, not to mention the only available chara is SSR and SR, lower than that, they just fragment for your memorial shard.

Logres Stories


okay, I tried this game, and I really-really tried to love or at least like this game.

the graphics is superb, love it, recommend it, die for it, eat it, rock it.
the gameplay also easy to understand, I like how simple and interactive it is.
the job system or the job available for you to choose is on point, there is a lot of job and you can have pretty wide variety to customize your Characters, definitely 10/10.

but the bad part is the gacha, listen, I'm really used to the gacha system. and I think it's okay.
but god dammit, they really did it in a way where I really don't think this is right, and this is straight up scam.

okay I told you about various job right? what if I told you that your weapon for your job is mixed with another job? not only that is stupid, that is the way of the game passives-agressive to force you to use the other job, that might you don't like.

I play as a mage, they give me welcome tickets, and guess what? that ticket instead giving me a mages weapon, they give me freaking Bard weapon! and it keep going! up until now!

I've been playing like a week, trying to give them a chance, but no. I didn't ask for much, I just ask, if you gonna welcome new player, at least give them some kind of freedom which will make them feel welcome, I don't care if for the next pull gacha I got crappy weapon, at least that weapon for the job I want too, not some foreign job, that I don't even intended to play.

listen, you play MMORPG because you can be what you want, not "being flexible".



the arts super great tho, and gameplay easy to grasped, the pull for now, not so much, but I can say it's pretty good.

gacha is hard, as we all know.

UI is fancy and minimalist at the same time. very much appreciated, not much loading time and and in between screen

but what happened with the balance? I never seen game that wipe out your team in stage 3 or 4, what with this game enemy that over power you for no reason?



I really like duel master since the game is very fast paced and the arts just superb!

have you play the gameboy version? this is literally it, but with gacha and few tweak.

I'd say the gameplay is easy to understand, the gacha is super hell tho, so don't expect much from it.

World Flipper | Japanese


love everything!

the pixel arts? it's superb! they managed to give bits like character with so much lovely movement. the looks and the animation look fluids, and it's cute, also straight at the same times.

gameplay very unique, never experience something like this before, though it's not the first of the genre, this is for sure might get you hook up, i know I do. it's easy to play, easy to understand, and still keep up with the challenge. not to easy enough to make you bored, not to hard enough to make you quit.

the gacha might be low, but the option to rerolling always there and easy to do. also, every gacha character not single one useless, I say cygames know how to make lower tier character not feels like burden, in fact they are useful for you for a long run. there are some ability learn just like Dragalia, so no reason to not play this casually.

I'd say, try this game, it's deserve every point you give.

Exos Heroes


i want to like this game so bad! with that gameplay and graphics what not. but why they take out early 30 - 10x pull? like what the hell! this game is very bad chance in gacha! at least give us the comfort of start with a good/desired Character!

I'm trying to give them the benefits of the doubts at first, but no! 90% my pull is 2 star like what! i Don't want to say other game with bad rng better than this, but this game just, oh no! why?!

btw you might think, oh at least you got 10% better! no, the rest is 2 star, and the only 5 star is from one milage card, which for other weebs out there is blessings, and I'm not, and still got loly, as if that loly at the start wasn't annoying enough! hell to the NO!

and! 2 and 3 star is good for nothing! don't bring hope up, only the novelty character that can be reliable, but the rest 90% just shit

we talking about SQ here, the fact that there aren't appearance change with job changing it's totally disappointed. they are known as full blown nice graphics with awesome detail, seing them like this makes me want to say that they get pretty lazy.

gameplay pretty Final Fantasyish, so you know what you got if you fans of FF.

the game is basically Alchemist Code without different job appearance of course. I take everything back, the GamePlay pretty bad. if you put sub job you'll lose some of skill for your main job, who thought this is a good system? it's basically becomes bad games with all it's worth.

you must fully aware about that, if you like tactical games, please do try, but just don't hope too much. there is not much to see

the gameplay pretty much just like the old game in the console, just like in PSX and PS2 Valkyrie Profile. but the drop rate for the character just terrible.

the stage very confusing, sometime the law and the requirements to open path not as what toturial shown to you, infact, it is something bizarre like: how many step you take, how much AP you have left, or how equivalent total your party level. this is bizzare requirements.

very not F2P, I mean, unless you use money you'll find it in hard way; how this game didn't favour you when you didn't pay a penny, and it's not penny, they'll ask you more than just penny, there is where the problem is.

p.s, I managed to get all MKR! so I stay for the long run! hahaha, but my review still stand no matter what.

Penguin's Isle


yes please, cute, relaxed, and very very nice idle games

Star Ocean: Anamnesis


this game is so so IMO, but it's pretty good for phone no lie.
the graphics is superb, y'all talking about this graphic on the phone man, this is par with pc and PS. it's smooth honestly.
action gameplay also easy to handle, but sometimes it can be boring, because you'll keep repeating the same thing.

but the gacha sometimes can be painful, I've been in the "get everything but the one you want" so many times, it's so painful that i just want to quit this game.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


the action gameplay is superb, who doesn't like beat up face pacing action game? the combo is mind-blowing.
the graphics is marvelous for phone game IMO, i like that anime color blend so it's look smooth.

but the gameplay... uh dude, like dude... it's get boring so quick because basically you will farming a lot, let me repeat "A LOT", and that is not good news.
1. yeah the game is fun to play with that quick pace action beat up, but sometimes there is so many thing happened that your eyes and phone can't even make sense to it.
2. the part or the thing you want to farm it's not even that easy to drop, you'll be lucky if they droo even one, sometimes they didn't drop anything, and good luck to reach 50 if you need that to reach that number.
3. it's time consuming, like very very time consuming

but alas, this game is fun, but the farming just... ughhhh please make it easy, or at least make the drop much more for one quest

it just... Eh IMO

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