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the way of dev making player to download all data really break my motivation, at least let player to download some of it then make option to download all data or not

welp this game only support android 7 or above, if your phone have android 6 maybe you will got lag in battle mode

Kanpani Girls


welp good story, average game play, and the minus point in this game are "keep downloading new data when loading"

its kinda suck when i got inet problem, waiting to pass loading take 2~3 mnt

Gothic wa Mahou Otome


downloading take .... forever...

Google Translate


dont forget to install

Google translate + Ever translator best mate

The runs time up error really annyoing
i know i have low internet speed like 150kbps
but i can download it if that error never appeared, this is suck

and this game really have strong yuri ship (lesbian)
and ... Player role in this game are Wind/Air, like invicible man watching Lesbian drama, the thing that i hate the most, fuck you lesbian ships

well mainly the game are good but,
this game missed something important
what is player role in this game ?
its like players are *Litteraly* an Air in this game Lol
i have played so many games but this is the first time
i play gacha game that Player considered as Air/wind maybe never exist in the first place, this so sad

Dolls Order


hey dev, your game are mainly matching based battle System and why not you make its english global ?
its kinda annoying to wait 3~5mnts just for 1 match tbh when im playing this game mostly im fell asleep while waiting arena matching ... sad

*I hope dev read my comment*

this game gacha rate make me want to stop playing
srsly its has been 1 and half month i play this game.
getting just 1 scout ticket are so hard, and the gacha really bad drop rate (even worse than fgo) tbh i love this game uniq game play and voice actor but after saving 35 ticket and they only give 3* its really break my motivations, you know this game log in bonus are trash and you need atleast 2 days daily to get 1 scout ticket, if you telling me to top up dude, make it english first then make it global + SEA server, if i can buy your gem i can do it, iLL POUR MY MONEY TO COLOPL CEO FACE just for my waifu goddam it, this is suck

Absolutely P2W game . . .

just looks at day 2 Start dash mission they added mission that you need to recharge money ... im surprised by this game greediness, srsly this game art Are so Shabby and they some how cant Afford Paying female Seiyuu so they just make so many males character, and im here did not bring 'bout gacha Shit rate, coz All char in this game are playable but ... you need SSR team to clear event stage

i thou this game have good future coz got 4,0 score from qooapp, but welp ... just another shit and maybe im gonna Try to play it till 7 days and after that ill think bout it

the heck.
This game contain so many kanji's
and i got headache after playing this game for 30mnt.
then uninstall it ... ugh my head still hurt

Warship Girls | Global


illustration : 9/10, excelent
In game art : 2/10, Meh
BGM : 1/10 (suck)
VC : -99/10, (this shit game keep repeating ONE same line wtf)
game play : 6/10, its okay
Storyline : N/A, do this game even have story ?
Value : .... do you ask me bout value of this game ? pfft

Basically This game was Low budged (kancolle Rip off) 1,4GB oversized GARBAGE.

When i see the illustration or key visual ... they did well, but after i play it MEEEEEEEEH its really disapoint me, you dev really looked down on game making Business, If you really dont Have budged to make Waifu game then dont, Half-assed game only make you go bankrupt

i like this game bcz kinda like Starcraft and i need english lang

Dragalia Lost


Stingy developer with shit rate gacha .. very much want to copy FGO Really bad, like 3 things just mixed up in 1 gacha and need 1500 to get ten roll that mostly 3* and the wyrmite really hard to get after lvl 15 above ... i thought this game was good but just another trash gacha money milker chinese game. pffft gotta uninstall it \:^y

Abyss Horizon | Japanese


pls.make english version ..

Azur Lane | English


if you have Black screen problem try give go to App setting then give azur lane Storage permision, if you still have it try Deleting game data without Uninstall it.

i hope its can solve your problem

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I hope they (this game chars) will call me shikikan in the future  Read Note
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