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Very realistic graphics, yet you can't do anything, but watch story unfold. It's like kinetic novel, but with video



Perfect app for higly-cultured gentelmen and gentlewomen.

Cat Bird


Very fun and challenging in some stages platformer.
Pixel art looks gorgeous and cute. Cat planets are awesome :3
Game soundtrack is of good quality, while being a bit generic for a pixel platformer.
Completing optional objectives on stages gives access to new cat birds and Boss levels require a bit of thinking and analyzing to defeat them.

I recommend this game to anyone looking for a small story with exiting visuals and good gameplay!

Azur Lane | English


Never enough waifus!

Graphics don't offer anything new or exiting.
Sound quality is very high, probably the most enjoyable thing in whole F/GO.
Crappy spaghetti code is still not revised or remade from scratch - we still don't have usual to other games and services comfortable account system, loading times can also be a pain, not even talking about same gameplay style for how many years already.
LBs plot is not jumping higher, than plots before, and protagonist being same childish idiot doesn't help either.

Gacha rates are trash, nothing new.

Play if you like Fate universe characters, their voice lines, don't really care about gameplay or plot, yet are ready to spend at least some time&money.

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