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I'm reviewing this without any hype behind it. I was casually waiting for this game and only knew the release date the day before. I've been looking for a good rhythm game for girls ever since I-Chu shut down. I've been seeing complaints that the notes are too small, but I don't mind too much. I've been playing idol games for years and I was looking for a challenge. But even then you get used to it pretty quick. I'm also really happy with the characters and designs. Its kind of a love it or hate it game, but if you're looking for something new I'd give it a try.

Genshin Impact


This is a great game, but I'll be the first to say the Botw comparisons are pretty distracting. The art style is very similar. You can climb and glide just about anywhere. Even the map style is almost exactly the same. But the game is very well made. I just hope it gets its own style eventually.

I've been playing this game for 3 years and its the best you can get. The music is great, the models are amazing, and the outfits are gorgeous. The rate for SSR is kind of low, but you can get good idols without spending money if you do events. I play nearly every idol rhythm game out there and this game set my standards super high. 😆

Its okay. The models are pretty good, but not Idolmaster level. The most aggreivating part is needing to level up your cards. The idea is fine but it takes SO MUCH GRINDING! I've been playing for hours and i haven't even unlocked one outfit because I'm so preoccupied building up my stamina! ;_;
The maps Why only two notes? Four or five would have been more fun. And some notes seem off beat.
The positives are the beautiful art, decent gacha rates (I already have three URs from gacha), and each girl moving independantly in choreography. Its more pleasing than watching them all have the same motion.
If you're a Love Live fan, try it out. If not, stick with Idolmaster or I-chu (RIP). I'll stick around a while to see if any changes are made. The game just came out, so some gameplay adjustments might be made... Maybe. >_>
Edit: Luckily they changes outfits to the first thing you unlock instead of last. Now i have quite a few outfits! Makes the rhythm parts a bit more fun. :P

I feel like this version is being a little unfairly judged. I know the name changes are a little odd (they dont even resemble the original ones) but I got used to it fairly quickly. The English voices aren't half bad either. They got actual professionals from what I've seen. Of course, I wouldn't blame you for switching to the Japanese. There are a few errors in the translations here and there but overall I understood everything perfectly fine. I've been waiting for an English version for a long time and I was not disappointed. Not to mention the beautiful art! I really urge you to try it out. :)

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Any senpais free? I know I'm probably real late to this but does anyone still need a junior? [大哭] Read Note
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