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Blood Chaos


Just another god damn​ stupid auto game can play only 5 min and done.
Korea​ and China RPG game..... Always make a easy to suck money off from someone how want to be best in noname game.
Good luck for someone who fun with this game. I respect for all. But game like this came out too much

VGAME | Japanese


ก็okนะ แต่เหมือนจะคาดหวังสูงไปหน่อย เพราะ game play ดูแล้ว ช้า เอื่อยไปนิด (หรือเราติดความเร็วมาจาก Punishing gray reven วะ)​ ภาพสวยดีการ์ตูนจ้าเลย ออ vpn ไม่ต้องใช้

อย่าคิดจะเล่นในมือถือเลย กดยากเกินเพราะปุ่มเล็กแถวเล่นแนวตั้งอีก ไม่ไหว กดทันนะ แต่กดไม่โดน ปล. เล่นใน huawei nova 4 ถ้าเล่นในคอมอะ สนุกแน่ แต่มือถือ ไม่ไหว

Minecraft Earth


แค่ลองดู ไม่ชอบ ก็ตามนั้น

This sever i like only ther make a good connect​ing very less laging when play mutiplayer but i very hate ther use a cover song is bad then normal and ther use a lot like 3/10 of mucis ther have now i don't understand why Taiwan or China sever can use normal song but Japan don't... No eng song is ok but please remove cover song please i realy hate it and ther change character .... It ok i know it have some license or some thing but man that pink head girl Aria have very cute license name in China and Taiwan but i can't ​read in Japan​ it like child write it ... But i still play both of it and want to see JP make it better



It fun game fell like old school beat it up game with combo and good bgm but i have only problem​ is wall of language so i don't know with card is good and again i don't know how to pass lvl 20 if some one know please tell me (Yang is best girl)​

Diva Destiny | Chinese


good good is FTP if you play lot and lot and save money for music you like and when you level up game give your 30 tickets enough for buy 1 music just 3 or 4 I can't remember and it well rise to 50 tickets and more if you buy more music .... play 1 music in easy mode give you 20-30 money 1 tickets use 300 money .... if you want dress up is you real money or just craft it by use money in game so I can say it very FTP if you have time to play it ... talk about music is have GUMI and MIKU a lot and next up date will have more anisong (it preview what day music came out) so I think you can plan money to spend. sorry you English is not good and I hope this well help you to choose or not choose to play 😂😁😁 and is game very like persona dance all night I guess if not tell me below .



Very boring for me ... is just like DotA arena or some things like that but in Chinese version ... not kind of my game

Devil Book | Japanese


good game .... I guess it kinda cute lot character and auto atk ... have rock paper scissors system in this game I don't know about story because I can't read jap but if you want to reroll in this game is very easy (I took a mistake push this bottom one and boom my rank B is gone) so if you want to relax for moba or some game make your head heat so is game for you but if you want a game with good graphic and skill effect like Michael bay movie .... I think you shouldn't play this, this game is too cute for you. oh I forgot is a MMORPG game kill Mon up lvl.

Arc the Lad R | Japanese


Old but Gold. Battle system still like Arc the lad 2 it like a reproduce or remake of Arc 2 for fan of series you shouldn't miss this one.

Wow aterier online ......
is very good game play like in console very like but so sad have only jp I think I wait eng version came out because it hard to craft item what I want.

Very good BGM feel like I play old wild arms but I don't like how to control at all not very smooth for me.

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