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Black Psychology


In this game, they give you a social situation such as what you want to say on a date, or what hairstyle to wear on a job, and you pick one of two options. If you fail you do it again, and if you pass you go to the next scenario!

The goal of this game is to teach social "psychology" which is kinda more stereotypes like:
- if you wear great clothes to first date you will make amazing impression but if not your partner will be bored
- wear a front parting for a job interview to look strong
- when picking up people, make your demand seem tiny (eg beg for them to join you for a minor activity)
- if you want to bond with the person you like appease them by doing things for them instead of trying to bond over shared interests (not quite sure about just doing things for someone to make them like you, it sounds messed up)

Some of it is good advice, others are kinda stereotypical

To play the game, go on!
This app just links you to the website so its not that good tbh
This game is hilarious you are basically put into a weird scenario with the guy you pick, and a member of staff will respond to you in due time. Its like roleplay but with the staff behind a screen.
Most fun days of my summer holiday tbh XD

Friend Celebrity Company


This is a really fun game in which you can raise your own talent by doing activities and buying many items! Fun but all in Japanese which means it takes time to get used to. Cute character customization.



The protagonist is single and wants to find an ideal boyfriend so a doctor gives her a "matching app" on her phone on which she has to pokemon battle various types of men and obtain them by swapping numbers XD
Fun at first but it gets boring VERY QUICK because that is all you do! Battle men to exchange contact numbers!!

the art is great though

Tales games have really good storylines. I love the dark twist in storyline that occurs early on; they give little hints and clues about it- but it was still a shocker.
Shame that fighting can be done only with SR-SSR rank units but I guess that's how they'll make profit!! Soundtrack is okay.
I got a free Dezel and best boi Ludger so I'm extremely happy.
Crestoria's cast is also really interesting!

Petit Chronicles


This game is FUN. You can run around a free world as a cute character, and travel wherever you want (be careful of running into high level monsters though!)

The story is not bad, but the outfits are what makes it a freemium game.

This app takes up a lot of space and is very heavy for a chat app! It'd be nice if there was a way to delete the timeline too.

Destiny Ninja 2


Sadly this game is out of service. But it wasn't too bad to play. Basically a group of ninja have to fix impurities in these 4 seasonal cities but this comes with HUGE plot twists.

Some routes well related to this plot, but one...In one of them they were basically only 'icha-icha'ing all day. Kakashi would be proud of those ninja.

Ninja Shadow


This game has over 20 routes to choose from. They're still updating routes- even today! The mini game in which you serve food to customers makes it a bit more easy to raise cash for any outfit challenges, as well.

The story is of a ninja from a small clan whose brother has been invited to join a group of vigilantes; but ends up dying along the way due to the actions of this crappy dude. Upset, his sister decides to join the group in his place in order to avenge her brother!

The soundtrack is STELLAR, characters are exciting and the story sometimes left me on tenterhooks but at times it was quite comedic and silly.

I played the route of Hades, a pretty edgy man with a scythe but I loved it. It's so unusual to experience a romance game with a man so obsessed with death and murder XDD

A3! | English


This game has interesting characters, and I like how the concept is acting!
BUT I do have to admit that I find the training not very fun😅 but the story and characters make up for it in spades!

When I played this game, it was really fun. You could become your own magical girl, fight opponents etc.
The story was definitely going to be edgy too...But sadly it's currently out of service.
I hope it'll have a revival soon!

The music in this game is PHENOMENAL. The JPOP tracks in this game are catchy and fun. And every guy is different. I love how strange and cheesy KingPri is: there's not a single series like it.

Also it's a unique rythm game in which the dancers skate and you press hoops along the beat as well as mini games to gain more points.

Mixing anime guys with a Japanese twist on rap, hip-hop and R&B is a genius idea. Every character is interesting; and they're offering good daily gifts for newbies which will make gacha rolling easier! ^^

It's also a very fun idea to play the rhythms on a record player. Despite playing many rythmn games, that was a pleasant first for me!


It's good. Thanks to this app, I can trial various otome games. Especially Wand of Fortune! It's an Otomate release that I've been looking forward to!

This otome game. Has typos; but an enthralling story about a noble who lives a double life as an adventurer. In order to avoid a bad ending; she does all she can to escape her fate.

What I truly adore is the amazing soundtrack, the world and Carlo's route. It's so vibrant, much more exciting than other freemium otome games that I've played before.

As for the other 2 guys...a dodgy prince is interesting but the ghost that has stalked the mc from birth is pretty creepy XD

The whole game can be played for free, I recommend it!!

Obey Me! Shall we date?


I think the characters in this game are really interesting. Their names and backgrounds follow demon lore so well, so I am really impressed!! And their personalities mesh dynamically with each other!
And the story is hilarious.

My only fault is with the tasks. They are really mundane and boring to do; but I get it... Games use gacha to profit...

Besides that, this is really fun; with an exciting story thus far!

Japanese is usually very hard to read but this game uses a lot more hiragana which is helpful. The game is a bit heavy, but it has fun battle mechanisms. I like it!

Brilliant quality for a mobage game!!

Touken Ranbu has fun characters and a pretty okay story.

Honey×Blade 2


Very good graphics and music but story and characters are quite boring... If you want to play this game just for the cute girls then you'll like it more.

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