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ok ?

Dead by Daylight Mobile


its a bad idea to make this game on mobile device.
1. its hard to aim for killer
2. i almost take 20 min just to search multi
Graphics 4/5
Sound 4/5
Gameplay 2/5
Storyline 3/5
Value 1/5

Line Godtamazeiya


[不滿][不滿][發火][發火] There is no fun playing this game .....
u basically just see screen full of 15 other player spamming attack on screen ... you dont know what to hit either ... if you looking for something weird just download this game and play. i highly can guess you will uninstall in the next 1 hour after playing

also they give you 11k gems from gift and invites 50 ppl from line ...

Astral Chronicles


basically this game suck. invite a hundred of thousand of people just to whale ? kidding me. this game is not even worth time for playing or grinding

co op have a lot of bug

Monster Basket


If you have so many times ,go play it recommended for you gacha rate 12% ssr

Cup Noodle Factory


your lifetime waisted on ramen clicker

just a simple escape game , its a good way to waist ur time.



its fun

IM@S = 5/5 !

Need more new band for more song coming to bandori.


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They love me , so rem and emilia show up in first card :v Read Note
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