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what a waste of potential, for a franchise as big as muvluv this game is a disappointment, a quick cash grab without any care for quality. the monetization of the game is... i never heard a game selling pack for one million yen, unless i read it wrong, ssr rate is 1% so keep that in mind, you need 1500 gems for 10 pulls and you only get 10 gems from daily quest, maybe theres other method to farm currency but i havent reach that point yet.

for the gameplay, well, its weird, the mecha is soooo small you can barely see it on screen, and the skill effect is lacking, all you do is kill bunch of mobs and theres no big boss monster or anything to make it fun, and for some reason you can't level up your 'pirot' except taking them into battle, which is stupid for a gacha game.


dead game, played almost 100 match and i keep meeting the same players over and over again to the point i remember each of their nicknames and rank, no new players, only unranked bots, the game will put an unranked player who just installed the game against a goddamn platinum or even higher rank, how do you expect people to enjoy the game like that?

Time Defenders


very disappointing for vespa game, so many bug and the gameplay looks stupid and unoptimized

too unforgiving for a mobile mmo, i might be too old for this game, it forces me to grind not only level but also other stuff like gardening, mining, etc, why would i work my ass off in a game when i already have enough bullshit to deal in real life.
whatever, might be fun for those who has lots of free time or dont really need to care too much about real life.

umapyoi umapyoi [開心][開心][開心]

i played this game few years ago when it was still in beta, it was boring for me

Blue Archive | Japanese


worst decision i ever made

Ark Order | Korean


the game sizs is too big for such a simple game with barely any content beside main story. the gameplay itself is not bad and quite enjoyable, definitely worth a try if you're into chibi games

its a good game if you only play the pve, but when you go pvp, its all about following the meta or gtfo this game.

Last Origin | Korean


IMPORTANT: If you want to play this game, please download the qooapp version first to link your account!! after you link your account to google play, you can download the onestore version to play the uncensored one. If you start with the onestore version, you wont be able to link your account and will be stuck with guest account forever!!

Last Origin


It's playable now and it's a pretty fun game to play, easy to understand UI, nice gameplay mechanic, and good character design. If you're not the type of people who hates looking at boobs and asses you will enjoy this game.

if you love this game, please join our discord channel and help each other.

Blank City


you can call this biased review, but i tried the game and stuck at tutorial where i have to use platoon skill, and i can't press the skill no matter what i do, so i gave up and uninstall this game.

graphic is decent, people call this honkai clone, but it actually ripping off soul worker. The world building, setting, and even some skills are a blatant copy of soulworker character skills.

the control is the worst part of this game, fixed camera angle is annoying af and sometime if u got cornered by a bunch of mobs u can't even dodge or counter since the buttons aren't responsive.

please remember that this is just my personal experience with the game, you may be a lucky guy who didn't encounter any issue as i did and love this game.

it's good and fun game even if it's clearly created based on fgo gameplay and user interface, and it actually make a better game using that as a foundation. the gacha is decent since it's not heavily reliance on ssr units like certain game.

can't login at all, i guess they region block non-chinese player

feels more like playing console game rather than mobile game

Epic Seven | Global


the gacha suck[no]

Granblue Fantasy


how to play granblue fantasy:
step 1: don't

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community discord server we have community discord for this game, there is also en language patch available, so come join us!!
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