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A successful game[開心]
I like how to play this game[微笑]
The cards are very beautiful[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]



Quality graphics, sounds great[厲害][厲害]
The game is much better than I thought when I decided to install it[開心]. How to play this game is easy, if you have played Touken Ranbu, it is almost similar[哇噻].
I like interesting and funny mini stories in the standby screen[害羞]. It makes me feel this game is well invested[色色][色色][色色].

Crimson Clan


I was fascinated by the voices of the characters, beautiful images[賣萌][賣萌][賣萌]

Normal story, normal play. The heroine is so weak that I cannot accept it, weakness in both body and soul, always makes my handsome brothers suffer[憋屈]. I am very heartbroken[憋屈][憋屈]. Although I was easy to count, she made me feel sick[發困].

The voices of the voice actors and beautiful drawings saved my feelings about this game[鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉]

This game is awesome. I am very satisfied with many hot, very unique scenes, very quality[色色][色色][色色].

Lots of hot scenes, lots of hot scenes, lots of hot scenes[怪笑]. The important thing is to repeat 3 times, this is a huge plus for this game[賣萌][賣萌][賣萌].A lot of handsome guys with hot scenes fascinated me, I was very pleased[開心].

The story of each person is well-groomed[害羞] .
It's great to be able to choose yourself as a uke or seme[耍帥].

The minus point of this game is that the music is rather boring[憋屈].

Everything else is perfect. In short, this is a great game[開心][開心][開心].

Prince of Horse


This is a funny game[怪笑].
The Horse prince is very handsome, sometimes he is so sweet that I'm shy[害羞]. Taking care of him always makes me happy[耍帥].
This game makes me feel relaxed and comfortable💖.
The only sad thing is that this game has no voice actor for my prince[憋屈][憋屈].



A lovely game[開心]. I feel like a gentle mother raising children[鬼臉].
When frogs travel, I always expect him to come back quickly and bring many interesting photos back[賣萌]. Frog friends are very cute[可憐].
A sweet game, entertaining from the stress[微笑][微笑].

Identity V (Global)


Đồ họa đẹp, âm thanh chân thật. Game rất khó, đòi hỏi người chơi có kĩ thuật cao [大哭].
Cốt truyện của các nhân vật hấp dẫn, rất nhiều gian tình làm fan điên đảo[耍帥][耍帥].
Lần đầu chơi game này thấy rất đáng sợ nhưng khi chơi nhiều rồi lại cảm giác khá đáng yêu[厲害][厲害]

10 Count for App react


Extremely beautiful graphics, many images are very attractive[哇噻], it always makes me relive Ten Count manga[賣萌]. Sounds great, I just hope to hear the characters talk more[可憐][可憐].

The graphics look good[鬼臉].
I love being able to freely choose the couple I want[賣萌]. It's great that I can play the story about gay couple and lesbian couple[怪笑][怪笑].
The cute storyline, the extra story from the cards never disappoints me[憋屈][憋屈].

Love and Producer (JP)


このゲームは完璧です(>﹏<)。私は長い間待っていました _(:3 」∠ )_。 このゲームは日本語だから、ありがとう。 私はそれが大好きです ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ 。

Beautiful drawings, charming voice voices, many songs[開心] . The way to play this game is a bit fast and quite difficult for me [可憐]. Because this game is so good, I will try to practice .I love it[賣萌][賣萌].

Yu Jian Love


Attractive storyline. The drawing is very beautiful and sparkling[色色][色色] . Glamorous voice voice fascinated. an amazing game[賣萌] . I am very happy to play it [微笑].

Great characters ☻ . The way to play this game is easy, I like the love they have for each other ❤. Slightly less song but very good 💓💓💓

An entertaining game while tired \(0^◇^0)/ . Hozuki is cool(๑•ั็ω•็ั๑) . Being able to meet the characters in the animation made me very happy, they were very lovely(っ´ω`c)



Beautiful characters, good plot. a good game.

He is very cute and sweet. He melted my heart. I feel very happy when he's always with me❤. The store sells clothes and accessories a bit expensive .but because he is very nice, I feel they are very cheap😂

Touken Ranbu Pocket


This game is awesome. I love him all[色色]. The voices of all characters make me crazy. Nakigitsune is the best for me[害羞]

Onmyoji (NetEase)


I like how to play this game. I love shikigami. The couple made me fall in love with ibaraki douji and shuten douji❤❤❤

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I look forward to this very much[開心][開心][開心] Read Note
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