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gentato i hope to suck ur tittes soon🙏


this game sucks cuz theres no poop or pee :/

the game did pretty good living up to its hype and I love it a lot although I dont like the lag,,, itll lag in the middle of a live and I'll lose my combo,,
also I dont like how it doesnt say perfect, good, bad, etc while playing the live I wish it did and seeing thoses always helps me improve by getting all perfects
the notes are kind bad too? like I'm not sure what in the world is up with them since they do lag a bit much like the mvs
the models look kinda bad but the game is new and I hope these problems and the models will improve later on in the future and I do hope theyll add more songs and do events since my account is pretty much unfarmable (by songs) at this point

Tokimeki Idol


it's a pretty good game I love the girls but could use more improvement

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does anyone know easy ways to reroll on here ? im tryna reroll for the new Will hero card since he never came home on my main Read Note
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