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LoliKnight, Neppers
Neptune 1199768

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LoliKnight, Neppers
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Edge of Chronicle


Great game. Didn't expect that.

Devil Maker: Tokyo


One of those game that I was addicted, even though it was simple TCG, it was so demn good back then. (I still have the app in my phone up until now.) best game I've played

Muv-Luv Dimensions


Been waiting since the beta and after they shutdown it. Now it's back. Muv luv ❤️

Character design and the animation is top notch What best is that VWP sang the OP 😍..

This game need global launch.

Eden's Door | Japanese


Pretty rare to see a side scrolling game this good. Sadly server gonna shutdown soon. Overall experience 4.5/5

Patiently waiting as a fan of muv luv series.. Im just here waiting for it to come out

Quite interesting gameplay and story

Bistro Heroes


another fantastic game from team kapa, their a girl adrift was also a superb game.. really love it..

great game, really like how the turn base style
love the character unique gears

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English, Global when? I remember there was a CBT for global Read Note
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