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Soukou Musume


Not bad game, but kinda boring. The auto system is pretty bad tho which it will keep use your team skill ASAP so it will be trouble at the last wave. Its kinda hard at first since you dont know what level recommended for each stage and you cant gain much exp from battle so you must buy the exp potion for leveling up your party. Everything gonna be easier once you unlock assist system after stage 3-X (i dont remember precisely). There is no friend support system so its kinda feel you play alone :(
What i hate so much is the stamina system eventho you can refill it with 40 gems. Well its kinda cheap since you can get 80 gems for complete 1 stage (getting 3 stars). But it will kinda hard in late game i think and you will be forced to spend money here. The gacha rate isnt bad, 3% for 3* character (3* is the highest rarity in gacha). 3* character isnt a must. some of 2* character is OP and have AOE skill

boring game. will delete it soon

Bakuretsu Monster


everything is good but why dont use landscape?

Fight League


Best strategic game so far. the people talk shit about this game is just describe how bad they are in this game. the ur and ssr rate not so bad and even you can rent the card that you want for 2 hours. this is so underrated game eventho the developer really good to make this game with nice artwork, music, and full cv



no match. i cant even battle to the other players :(

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Not bad game, but kinda boring. The auto system is pretty bad tho which it will keep use your team skill ASAP so it will be trouble at the last wave. Its kinda hard at first since you dont know what level recommended for each stage and you cant gain much exp from battle so you must buy the exp potion for leveling up your party. Everything gonna be easier once you unlock assist system after stage 3-3. There is no friend support system so its kinda feel you play alone :(
What i hate so much is the stamina system eventho you can refill it with 40 gems. Well its kinda cheap since you can get 80 gems for complete 1 stage (getting 3 stars). But it will kinda hard in late game i think and you will be forced to spend money here. The gacha rate isnt bad, 3% for 3* character (3* is the highest rarity in gacha). 3* character isnt a must. some of 2* character is OP and have AOE skill. So here is my favourite character [開心]
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