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Arknights | Japanese


Originium prices

EN 99.99USD for 185
KR 119000 KRW for 185 - 99.80 USD
JP 10000JPY for 175 - 91.12 USD
adjusted for price of 185 - 96.32USD

Rough google exchange rates

If you gotta pay for conversion anyway, JP server is cheapest



First impression when I heard this is made by the team behind Closers and serviced by Nexon : I'm going to love the concept but hate the game

And they didn't disappoint. Game feels incomplete and crashes often - Completely unplayable on emulators, and still runs extremely badly on 2019 flagship level androids. Overheating and battery drain is a major issue.

Gacha and leveling has the worst of both worlds - Putting a hard timelock on farming with daily challenge limit quickly makes you lose interest in game before you max your first character. Gacha has 'nice mech' and 'hot waifus' mixed in - but that's a bad decision, people want one or the other, rarely both. At least have two separate banners

They spent 6 months after CBT apparently addressing a lot of issues, but looks like they need another 2 years.

Sub-par ratings in the Korean community will lead to low sales, and Nexon will either close this game prematurely or turn it into a whale farm.

Epic Seven


Developers show no desire to improve after the game genie hack disaster. They've given up on the Korean players and are trying to cash grab off the global players who aren't aware of how insecure your game data is. Oh and this game has the infamous fate grand order's gacha look like f2p handouts

Lost Archive


Discount Shadowverse in its vanilla, relatively more balanced form. Hopefully it won't copy that sad excuse of a CCG and go Zimbabwe with inflation in a single expansion.

Cross x Logos


Interesting concept for gacha+crossword puzzle, however difficulty curve is off the charts - while basic gameplay is easy(throw some common syllables and hope it sticks - also a lot of foreign words written in katakana are accepted) , the skills character uses requires you to answer a quiz correctly - answers which range from famous novels and nursery rhymes to professional jargon used by sushi chefs(lol). Google is your friend

RNG>your language skills though, you can't do jack if you're stuck with a bunch of ヌ, ー, モ's, which are like the equivalent of x and z

Gacha is not worth investing. 5s@1%, and atm they're just stat padders. It's the 3-4s that have the actual useful skills that win you the crossword

I regret spending money on fgo the same way I regret spending my battery life downloading this

This game has both duplicate based limit break and super grindy rarity increase.

Idola combat is p2w pvp in raid disguise

Dark falz of this game is the devs

Abyss Horizon | Japanese


Mostly mediocre, it's better in the parts that matter as a colle game. If you're new to the genre you might as well pick up a newer game, as the others you've already missed out on months to years of limited time rewards

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