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Gameplay wise feels a little like Kairisei million Arthur which is a good but why must you make it so that it is multiplayer all the time? It takes me 10 years to clear a quest because I have to wait for players to finish fighting before I can have a go and when I'm fighting, I also have to wait for players to choose their god damn cards before the characters will do anything...

Gacha rate is 3% for a 4* which is the norm now I guess but luckily they give a 4* guaranteed ticket and enough jewel for 20 summons which is pretty generous on their part

Character customization is good not the best I have seen but pretty good IMO

So if they made it so that you can go solo for quests it will be real great. Good idea but bad execution mainly for the gameplay part but hey this is just my opinion if you like it than good for you 👌

The game is always stuck at 99% and can't download the last 8mb
Don't know if it's a Android problem or not because for the IOS version, before the downloading of the data you will get to play the tutorial first which after they will prompt you to download data
So from what I experienced from IOS, the game is pretty decent.
Gameplay is not the best but it's certainly not the worst. The game is pretty much semi auto which the only thing you need to do is press the character to activate the skill when it's ready, pretty standard.
Gacha has a 3% for a 6 star, the lowest rarity being 4* Not the highest rates but hey I have seen worst and the good thing is they give you a enough crystals for a 10 roll in the present box so you can reroll if you don't get what you want (There is a paid 10 roll which guarentees a 6 star btw)
Sound... I don't really know much about it but I guess it's pretty okay? I don't know @_@

Akanesasu Shojo


Absolute dog shit gacha system.. one 10 rolls only gives you 1 character and 9 fragments...
The character you get isn't even guaranteed to be good and the fragments are needed to unlock characters and guess what, the fragments you get from the roll is only 1-20++ and the amount needed to unlock a SR or UR character is 1000++... good luck collecting that Jesus christ

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