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dimas raharjo 11968135

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So far still good, give me 5* plis 🙏

I will play the game later, and give this rate for the meantime

Blue Archive | Global


haha sikes
well many people givin low rate cus the censorship issue, not because the censor but the publisher can't keep his word
overall is great tho im not predator underage

Revived Witch | English


its cool, pixel i like it
the grind material is ok
gacha yea so so
story quite deep, still many mystery

the game is great thought that my device can't carry it must all left setting, but yea the combination of magic and guns is good enough
the magic dmg to strong i think, got one shot by the fire level 3,
the sword class to op, the the dmg to high while they have shield dash for compensate the short range compare to dmg of assassin or scout melee

this game is great but dayum, just whats the min spec android to run this, my phone barely can run every time gacha got force close lmao, though im pretty sure my phone not that's really potato cus still can run game that also heavy but in low set



made it the EN ver, than uhmm.. how to bind account from guest?

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