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I feel like a lot of people is expecting SIFAS to be like the old SIF . In All Stars, your not suppose to be the one doing the lives , in a sense . Your(the Player/MC/Ayumu's childhood friend ) is suppose to be assisting them , managing things , helping them improve in doing what THEY do, which is doing lives , that's why we have AutoPlay now . Even in the story , your character tells everyone that he/she is NOT a school idol . He/she just supports them(like in a managerial sense , not like a fan ) some of the girls even call the Player Buchou , which I think translates to chief in a business sense . But well , that's how I've been seeing the game as , so I'm not really that bothered with the Player not being able to do Hard lives early on. I assume being an Idol takes a lot of hardwork to "get to thetop", so it makes sense to not be able to do Hard lives yet . But well , I'm rambling . Anyways , great game . I would suggest it to others , and I do. But don't expect SIF gameplay .

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