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Alchemy Stars


A game that reminds me of Arknights (must be intentional) and after playing, a lot of it are indeed similar to Arknights.

I'm hopeful that this game will be another favourite if it can grow to be as nice as Arknight.

minus point to the reroll system. I wish it is like, again, Arknights where we can just reroll until we are tired. Instead of forcing players to have several accounts.

Anyway, hopefully the game would grow up well.

Shoal of fish


Sorry dev but gameplay is quite boring, way too many ads (every level up) and then uninstalled in less than 5 mins total.



Me: Praise Godzilla
Dev: Come again?!
Me: Apple for Godzilla
Dev: Come again?!
Me: Gave good rating
Dev: Got it!

It had potential and the intro (tutorial gameplay) was awesome. when the gang are fighting Acnologia.

BUT once the actual game starts, it pretty much looks like one of those cheap chinese mobile mmo game. And that is a HUGE turn off and VERY UGLY.

If only it would be like that Japanese Fairy Tail game that existed many years ago (forgot the name), that would be awesome since its in English.

SHAME really!! Uninstalled it in the same day. Shame..
I want to like it. I love Fairy Tail.. Shame..

I supposed that is why they dont put many screenshot of the actual gameplay. but the closest is the last page with the always on chat box. Its that type of game. Crappy one.

Bistro Heroes


Great game.

Not bad but there isnt a reroll function. had to waste several accounts lol.

Warriors of Heaven


Cannot save and gameplay is pretty bad.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


I love this game. Played the game since when it was still pretty simple. Heck, even before this exist, with the Zombie Chibi game.

Unfortunately nowadays, there are simply so many things going on in his game that I felt really overwhelmed by the massive contents. That is why now I dont play it as often. But I still love it and kept it in my phone, if I wanted to play it again one day.

Great game overall. Would be better if it is simplified / less content.
Thanks Dev👍🏻

One of my fav game from QooApp.
It has no ads, energy limit and any restricting things from most games.
It would be much better if we can skip the dialogue though, but instead we are forced to keep clicking to finish the dialogue asap.

Great game nonetheless.

Dragon Sky


love the game. But even with my 8gb, 120hz phone, it lag a bit when the screen is busy.

RWBY: Amity Arena


Blank black screen after asking for 2 permissions.
Razer Phone!!

Bakuretsu Monster


Nice game but control can be a bit hard. especially with pvp.

Man or Vampire


love the game

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