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Coming from the first game, much is familiar yet polished. same characters, better looking. The base system is less annoying, the match 3 battle system is a bit more straight-forward. It's nice to see the devs properly display their vision.

Yet, for a global audience, much is lacking. The story has changed, but don't worry, you won't be reading it. The translation is one of the worst I have ever seen. Not just the ubiquitous swapped genders, but nonsensical terminology ("You have the swirly of the one who destroyed the world!") skill descripions which are useless when they're not outright incorrect, even the crops you can grow all have the wrong names.

For monestisation, you don't need to pay if you do, for the best stuff be prepared to pay a lot. The five-star selector is behind several hundred dollars, but there is an infinite 10-pull that you unlock pretty early and you'll get the currency for it. Sadly, it only has a limited selection of five-stars, and the Gun Bunny isn't one of them. My disappointment is immeasurable.

What you'd expect from an idle game, but with turbo-horny artwork. Good variety of ladies for all tastes, personally I'm here for the mecha and firepower girls, so I'm not too dissuaded.

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