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Got 2 ssr from first 20 gacha, then running smoothly on chapters. The UI of the game is slightly weird imo, so you need to use the top to go into daily stage/dungeon stage. Love the gacha system where they literally let u use a playable piano.

Diablo Immortal | Global


Wait for sea server

Arcana Tactics


Any info when CBT end? And expected official rrlease date?

Unknown Future


F2P for a week, reach story chapter 6-32, amazing gameplay but preferable chinese readers. Lots of character choice, sharable level, customizable card choice.

Back again.

Nah, dont listen to the long ass review which mostly inaccurate, there is auto ultimate casting after a few story stage and also have sweep ticket clear for resource stage.

The only concern I had is about the game optimization which costing phone to heat up very fast, I am using honor 10. the game on every basic normal fps normal graphic its fine, but when you try to run in either high graphic or fps the problem came.



Mobile version can't transfer to pc version? When I try doing it was not working .

To get freebies

Great game

Trying out the game


A game similar to kancolle is worth playing, it have more other ships game character in it. I only hope they keep release new character.

Abyss Horizon | Japanese


Very similar to Kancolle arcade, nice working game.


Goddess Kiss


Why when I login dmm account, pop error and out game?

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2nd day 1.5 anni Another first style character unlocked ~ Read Note
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