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Going by my pace, and yes i meant it
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Going by my pace, and yes i meant it
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Typical turn-based nothing special than the waifus

Genshin Impact


time consuming

really worth the wait

Dream Eater | Korean


5* for their superb graphic and art (lacking 2d system though)
5* for sound bcz japanese voice ! and ogura yui as default starter ? fk yeah !!
the downside is i think on their gameplay, it's unique but hard to control tbh even angrybird is easier to play, one wrong swipe and u'll watch ur character fly to the bottom of the abyss



the game is very good overall, what i like from this piece of goodness is the gameplay, you only need to make pattern such line, pinch, tab, double tab etc to cast the skill makes the battle more interesting, as a mage i just simply spamming line pattern all over the map to burn the enemies to death, it's fun just try it XD

they also have beautiful anime cutscenes every here and there

Diva Destiny | Chinese


1) the dance is too plain... they dance slowly even with songs like guren no yumiya and only my railgun
2) dancing games character SHOULD sing not lipsync, really make their lip moves

back to AU2 while waiting for LLSIFAS

theres another game that much more like fgo system *looking at gemini seed* [白眼]
well that game not popular so yeah no one will complain an unpopular game

having the same feel dosn't mean it same right ? i wonder if they play non-yugi tcg they will say that game copying yugi...



Overally good, insane graphic but lagless even during raid, top tier waifu seiyuu

idk if they intended it or not or maybe it's a way to nerf mage but the aim suck even in auto lock it's hard to lock proper enemy

My internet too poor for this game [大哭][大哭]

Gestalt Odin


This game quite addictive for me not from the gameplay but the character and the other series character ww [開心][開心]

awesomeness level : square enix

the game don't have phone-breaking graphic like honkai impact etc but the chibi animation too cute to ignore combined with beautiful voices it's a shame that we're forced to play the censored ver legally (thanks wiki folks for the uncen !!!)

while for the gameplay, like other trpgs they give me headache but hey thats the fun. the battle is also fun to watch and the formation making part is so interesting compared to other trpg where they offer complicated systems for the "strategy" aspect, girl's frontline offer a simple yet important systems that everyone even for busy people like me can enjoy the game without the needs to stress ourself over complicated things

the game nature is friendly for f2p warriors to waifu collecting since the construction cost resources that can be hoarded instead of waiting for free gacha rolls. but the premium currency which is gems are quite hard for f2p so be wise

lastly, the game is worth ur phone space so check it out[開心][開心]

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