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I wouldn't recommend this game if you don't have much time. The grind is ridiculous. Play this only if you're really a diehard ff7 fans. Gacha is generous, stamina is giving a lot but at the same time the grind is also heavy.

Daily quests are fast. But the event grind is too long. There's a weekly cap currency for exchanging some valueable items as wel so it's gonna take like 1 or two hours daily just to grind this.

Then you have seperate event items to grind as well so let's add another hour.

Ofcourse you have your regular character and weapon grind as well then add another hour.

All in all that you need 3 hours a day more or less in average.

Pros are : You don't need top characters to get all event stuffs. Play it casually and you'll find it more enjoying.

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