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Fate Corridor


another time-killing game, huh.

I can sense the 'indie' feeling from the developer.

Neural Cloud | English


Since they don't really put the effort in advertising. This game was made for their original main game Girls Frontline fanbase.

What amaze me is even though Girls Frontline revenue isn't that high compare to other mobile games, the main team Sunborn/MICA has the balls of steel creating this game and other projects. This shows that this game doesn't meant to gain as much money as possible. But to show thank you to their fanbase for supporting Girls Frontline.

The graphic is cute with combination of 3D Chibi model and 2D Live2D/illustration. They even add tiny detail in latest update (Yes, i'm talking about Clukay's skirt and stockings). The special effect is variable and 'clear' enough for each characters.

I don't put so much thought for audio since mainly i play on mute. But if the soundtrack is from Vanguard studio team, you know what they capable of.

The story, their progress and explanation for players really put your brain through the cloud. There's so much 'unknown' words and not your everyday conversation. The first 2 or 3 chapters might be boring, but it will be getting more interesting. Of course reading some outsource lore here and there really help understanding the flow. Check their discord/reddit, you might found some interesting things created by other players.

Gameplay was old style, rogue type. But wait, there are some complex system. And everything can't be push through with only 1 team. The beauty of mixing and setup your characters unique ability is good enough. Stamina system hold your progressing faster, and this game is slowburn type.

Don't start with gacha, every account has different luck. In my opinion, it's not a cash-burn gacha type. It's not punishing like F/GO (Yes, i was a masochist playing that game for 4 years). And for me, i'm doing fine without purchasing currency for gacha.

Summary, it's just an OK game. But it's great for the Girls Frontline fans. Yuzhong deserve the respect.[難過]

everyone feels the same, no needs for long explanation. Try it if u want, but i don't recommend spending money to support the game for now. save ur money for something worthwhile. They're smart with the advertising, but downgrade bad at executing.

Memento Mori


Since this mysterious game arise a few months ago, i was expecting big things. They broke my expectation when they gave news this game was gonna be idle games. But sure, after i heard that i would try the game and i do until now.

This idle games really won a high place in the graphic and sound. Jesus, they even use the word 'Lament'. The background of each character with the lore of the setting really good if they know how to use it. Unfortunately, they killed it. I mean, you have good assets;materials to develop this game to have an extraordinary story. They just killed it. Their Graphic and Sound and Lore is their main sellpoint, but why didn't they use it to make the game interesting. Good concept, good idea, good theme. Even they use word like 'Memento Mori', 'Lament' that shows this is a story of dark, despair, regret, revenge, and hope. Just a short introduction story at the begining? damn, i have a lament now for how this game turned out.

Gameplay, this is from my point of view, i check the ranking of top players and past party (a function in the game to see what set of party that already cleared that specific stage/level) they used specific characters. The same characters always used in top rank, and it feels like this 'idle' game has a Meta or tier or something. Less strategy needed since the game didn't explain the role of characters and type. But goddamn, retrying until you're successful is a pain in the arse.

Last thing, this game is so expensive. i had a feeling before they would have a VIP system and it has. Typical idle rpg, you pay more you progress more. Everything in shop is expensive, the only good thing to purchase is that one package that give you SR character and VIP 1. Oh, the rate for SR character is 3.6%. They have wish list system where you can choose which character will appear on higher rate. But still, it's sh*t. SR characters in the gacha pool include R 'awakened' character. 300/pull or 3000/10pull and for the game situation now, it's hard to get that many resource.

Like i stated above, Memento Mori has potential but Bank of Innovation just trying to kill it. I'm sure they have plan to construct the game better, and i wish they find that path and plans to make the game enjoyable and fun. Moreover i wish the game can last for at least 1 year. Good luck.

Just.. stay away.. 2 hours of gameplay and that's it.

The concept is unique, this is the only one i know so far.
Everything is interesting so far. But it's kinda hard to get into because of the optimization.

It's downright bad. Everything is laggy, error and bug everywhere. I don't even know if they did a couple of CBTs before. From the looks of it, even if they did the CBT they're not fixing much. I dare to say this because my phone can run most "high-graphic" games. e.g. Genshin Impact, Punishing Gray Raven, Honkai Impact 3, Black Desert Online Mobile, PUBGM, Super Mecha Champion, etc. and in high graphic setting as well.

For temporary review only, i love the concept, but not the in-game experience itself. For now at least, they should step up the optimization.

For the rating in QooApp, the gameplay itself isn't that bad. For early release, the contents in the game are good enough. May play this game for the long run if they improve the optimization. Don't be blinded by the overall review.



Welcome gift is superb. The game is kind enough to give the player boost starter. Reroll isn't much needed, don't waste your time rerolling. A nice bait i must say.

Just like the pictures, the graph is 2D anime style. The design is good, and live2D is always welcomed.

PvE is for "The guy who needs to do something in real life, so i'll auto/skip everything." To be expected from online mobage, repeated farming is to be expected. The battle is much auto/skip to get the reward. And depends on your PoV, it may be a good thing or bad thing to pass the time.

Whoever write the story, give them a medal for Best Employee from Studiobside. Planting of information, background lore, characteristic, roundabout ways to tell the relationship each character, development, etc. has been written so goddamn good. The flow is understandable. What lack of it is the player choice of dialogue, something like FGO to make the 'player' feels involved in the story.

This is the hard truth, ranked gauntlent (PvP) for now is a hard hit for F2P. If ur a pure F2P, you only can get so far. The new unit is so much OP they dominated most of the PvP league. the farming is kinda slow (use stamina) and if ur units aren't strong enough, then ur gonna stuck in a circle.

Maybe it's just me, what i have experienced from KR online games that has PvP always follow the same pattern. e.g. Grand Chase, Elsword, and Closers Online. New unit is meta until they buff the old one or nerf the new one. A nice bait at the start, and another common marketing strategy so the player will 'roll' to try to maximize their units power.

Hatsune Miku Tycoon


It is similar with that card game i used to play (in my language we called it capsa banting. Idk what's the name in english). And i believe those who played that kind of card game find this enjoyable. Moreover it's Miku in skin, so it's a very big plus for me.

just one annoying thing is you literally HAVE TO watch ads to regenerate stamina. The stamina doesn't automatically regenerated, you know like 1 stamina for every 30 minutes or something. Not a bad strategy to earn money for the free app, but it's just.. annoying af.

It feels like the purpose of this app is a media to advertise other app. So the target market is people who interested in the name "Hatsune Miku's games" will try to play it. Something like:
"Hey it's a Miku's game! let's try it."
"No more stamina, have to watch ads then."
"Oh cool ads, the game interesting. I'll try to download it later."
proceed to download the game, never played this card game Miku tychoon or whatever the name is again.

The first feat.Vocaloid rhythm game online on android. It finally here.

3D model and 2D animated. They're brave enough to use 3D model on rhythm games. Well, most player might be turn it off.. but hey! it's 3D MV. 3D may not be used as background when playing. But, live concert is a bliss feature to have using 3D model.

Music featuring Vocaloid, what can i say.. I've been a fan of Voca. And of course it doesn't stop there. You can actually listen to the cover version. A.K.A. 'Sekai' version.

The timing for each note is the same like another CraftEgg games. And flick is the most painful one. Sadly the timing of each note sfx doesn't really match.

Here is what i like more than Bang Dreams.. The story.. the theme of 'isekai' for idol/band. The world setting for 'normal people' and 'Virtual Singer' is interesting. Idk about the other band, but Leo/Need is pretty good.

Gacha rate is bearable. Depends on your luck.

What i found the main sellpoint of this game is the live concert and feat.Hatsune Miku. I hope they will announce the exact date for english version (they aware of global players).

Genshin Impact



Hatsune Miku Amiguru Jump


Another Miku games. I didn't read any news about this game before, pops out of nowhere. This game is much better than Tap Wonders (even though i read some news about Tap Wonders before). I know it's different genre, but at least this one doesn't bored me for the first 10 minutes. The graphic style is unique. The gameplay, remember flappy bird? this game is one of its kind. I kinda curious what kind of update this game has to offer.

So.. our money was used to make this game project, eh..
Can't say i'm unhappy about it (F2P player). If you're not taking the 'rhythm' game seriously, you're gonna enjoy this game.

Let's see, the visual is mostly 3D. technically speaking, they need to fix/improve their rigging/skinning. I found that sometimes when the arm move, i can see Mash's back and shoulder get somewhat like a play-doh toy. it got mashed. Beside the 3D, the 2D motion graphic when opening a new chapter is cool.

My lovely little eggplant-kouhai in 3D, how can i describe this.. the 'Waltz' theme really brings out her charisma. Well, they did a decent job at the character design costume for Mash. What i like the most is when Mash in 3D, they add a little more detail (technical: polygon) to the armpit. (don't judge me plz)

The music isn't only 'orchestra' or 'Waltz' theme oriented. The classical piano BGM can you hear at main menu. The game itself kinda use (idk i'm not expert at music) idol happy-go-round theme. Which is imo, i don't really like. I was hoping there's more 'classical' or 'Waltz' theme in their music.

The same with coreography, the dance isn't really 'Waltz' oriented. I was hoping there will be 'elegant' dance and kinda disappointed. Because before you start the game, Mash took your hand in 'Waltz' way and gonna do some 'elegant' dance.

The gameplay, the synchronizing with the music isn't that good top-notch like you can found in popular rhythm games. This definitely has to be improved if they wanted to be serious in making rhythm games. I have no problem with the circle speed, you just have to adapt.. overcome.. git gud.. be the king.. However, if you just want to enjoy dancing with my little eggplant-kouhai, then i can't say much about the gameplay.

No need to talk about story, this game isn't focused in the story. The same goes with value. This game only here to heal your soul from the gacha salt in the main game.

But hey, the game only available for 550,000 downloads (don't know if it's true, the official said so). So maybe this review is useless lol.

SINoALICE | Global


Overhyped, a little bit disapointed..

The gameplay system is somewhat nice, 1 role only for you to play and the rest is decided by other player (support). And that guild colosseum PvP is somewhat nice. It makes you interact with other players. But it has a downside of PvP with 'rely heavily on gacha' game.

The visual is simple but interesting, not overwhelmingly amazing.. but still nice. I like the character design.

The story.. i'm not sure this game even has the storytelling component. It's just some monologue line.. and a few dialogue with the duo-puppet.

This is the bad part. This game rely heavily on gacha. Just like other Japanese game. Yes, maybe in the future we can obtain more weapons. But for now, whoever goes for pure F2P, i'm not sure pure F2P would be able to enjoy this.

I'm not sure what is this game main sellpoint.. is it the gameplay? PvP? gacha? storyline? Maybe the world setting? i don't know. for example (in my opinion): FGO main sellpoint is the story and illustration. Arknights in the gameplay. Azur Lane in the illustration. Girls' Frontline in the PTSD gameplay and story...

However, you maybe found this game enjoyable. Because i did at early phase. As time flies, doing gacha if you're a job collector and colloseum(PvP) if you're competitive can hurt you enough. And all the points i mention that makes it kinda boring. "Hey, but it's Yoko Taro games!". Yes, but no. We will have a new Yoko Taro game and maybe it's better to invest your time in that game and leave this one(imo).



Let's keep it short. Everything is acceptable. The problem is.. Once ur connection slightly unstable, you'll have to logout and 'waiting' to login again. Idk if it's just me but in my case, i'm wasting my time to wait this game 'loading' only.

Arknights | English


Honestly, i do feel the overhype for this game.

The base UI is nice, the illustrations got the vibe of somewhat 'fresh' since i've seen some 'lewd'[委屈] illustrations in mobile games (tbh i prefer lewd illustrations [鬼臉]).

The gameplay depends on the players brain capability, some classic strategy tower defense to sharpen your brain. Of course mobile games mostly have the same pages of farming, grinding, etc.

Something is missing from the gameplay, after some times playing somehow it's getting boring and reminds me about my old days playing F** as a farming slave. Summary of what you do after some time playing: login > auto battle > AFK > logout. But thank god auto-battle is there.

For the story i've read so far was not a bad writing nor a good writing, the game gives the players a good understanding about the situasion, the setting. The plot and flow kinda 'predictable', and kinda bland and boring, something like "I've read something kinda similar before". However, still enjoy it though.

The characters interaction are somewhat dull, kinda make me cringe. Sometime it doesn't even make sense like there's no connection between characters interaction. Kinda hard to understand the character personality, this still need to improve the dialogue.

For the gacha.. As usual, what can i say about gacha. It's probability, if you're lucky then.. so it is, the same goes for the other. A roll for 2% rates isn't as hell as 'you know which game'. Moreover there are another method to obtain 6 stars characters. But still, these 2 methods still depend on your believe to RNG god.

Players can go through the game with low stars characters. Tier? yes it did help the players to play this game for something like 'easier' method, but hey some opinions said it's waifu/husbando over meta. It's a good game to pass the time.

Gotta love lowlightK illustrations, the only reason this game interest me~[委屈]

Yeah, it's pretty standard hack and slash game. There is no combination when attacking or something else that will make this game stand out (except those boing-boing characters), it's getting kinda boring after a few days playing it.

Honestly, i just play this game because i know the original series, from the visual novels and the animated ones. However, the 3D models are amazingly beautiful, the vfx on the attacks, etc. It's pretty friendly on gacha stuffs, free ticket and 3% chances are not a bad deal at all. Overall it's not a bad experience, give it a try for yourself.

Great game indeed, dont really need much luck to gid gud. If we talkin about tier, ur in the wrong discussion. Tier isn't needed in this game, but yeah the more stars the character has the better skill it is

The visual is appealing, the chibis, illustrations, etc. even the Live 2D. And of course, the damaged illustrations. [委屈]

The gameplay itself is one of many games that uses strategies, both moving and battling. Moving turn needs a proper plan because there is no such thing as undo. Battle turn needs player control too (unless if ur strong enough).

Storyline is deep and not a crappy writing, the flow is understandable in giving the explanation about setting, what purpose do we the character have, the development through the story as well as the development of characters.

Gotta love how they deliver each characters personality to the players. The dialogue is interesting and interpreting the characteristic each character pretty well.

The gacha system is kind, if u dont have the character through gacha, u can use another method to get the character through grinding, it may take some time to show up but at least u dont have to go through gacha to get it. Not all higher character is useful, every character has unique capability/skill.

The only thing to pay doesnt really much affect the gameplay, mainly only change the visual and other supporting stuff.

No stamina system, but manage your own resource to get stronger. This kind of system doesn't 'force' you to play. Play this game with your own time. Effort will be rewarded.

The game is generous enough to give weekly gems, but yeah the skin in shop is kinda expensive.

This may be not implemented yet, but if in the future update they don't change the 'SF Capture' system.. Well this review will be go downside.

Overall it's worth it to play and invest ur time and even spending some real money to support the game. Enjoy the orchestra and buy YZ his ferrari go brrr

Grind and git gud. Never do pvp if ur not prepare enough in higher tier. The visual is great, doesn't have complaints here. The music is what you expect from idol. The gameplay is unique, luck and strategies. Not a new thing but somewhat different.

The storyline is confusing, no explanation like setting, goal, etc. The gacha is somewhat generous at first, a nice bait to hook player in, and after that it's hell... Overall it's a nice game to try. No proper explanation of the story, to do pvp u have to git gud, nice visual, and bad gacha.

Bring an old Visual Novel into mobile game then develop it, FGO is a great game. The visual is great, they even improve some characters attack animation and noble phantasm animation. The gameplay is simple but interesting, it doesnt just choose random moves and need strategies. The storyline is great creating something fictional and mixing it with history then make it enjoyable isnt an easy task. Then the gachaish thing. The gacha is kinda famous for their torture, sometimes i can hear someone screaming with their blood and tears in my dreams.

Grind all you want, make your servants stronger even though it's 2 or 3 stars. Yes, it can clear the story but thats not this game 'main sellpoint'. I have to keep grinding even though my servants manage to pass those story and events, and i keep farming and stack those materials hoping for 5* servant to show up so i can instantly raise my servant. I give up on this game because of that, tired of grinding for character u want but didnt have it. But still, if you're ignoring this game 'main sellpoint', it is a good game.

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