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I'm normal
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I'm normal
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minimalist idle rpg, simple but efficient. I love pixel art



Not the best not the worst, average

Path to Nowhere


Clean af

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


A simple idle game

Nice graphics xD

It's quite a boring game tbh, I know idle games aren't the most interesting ones but this one looks really empty.
I'm disappointed, especially because the manhwa is interesting.

little tip : if you move your phone time forward by 1 or 2 hours and restart the game, the game will take this time difference into account as legitimate and will provide you with the rewards of 1 or 2 hours of offline farming. If you have some time to spare, you can have infinite gold and gems.

Grand Summoners | Global


A game with so many good points : a lot of characters, nice pixel art, a lot of collabs and events and it's well-balanced.
But man, why are the featured units so hard to get, it's such a pain [大哭]



I've never seen a game with so many collabs. It's almost frustrating to see that you'll never have enough diamonds to try pulling on those gachas. Anyway, great game with a lot of events, keep going guys !

The pixel art is on point, there's new characters every week, we've got enough crystals to make some pulls and very regular events.
Moreover we find all the heroes of all the existing final fantasy games.
What more could you ask for ?

Exos Heroes


This game is almost perfect : f2p friendly, a very nice story, a lot of characters, beautiful graphics, a classic but efficient gameplay and a lot of events. The only downside is the time needed to launch the game, it is so f long [大哭]

One of the best gacha I've ever played. The pixel art is godlike, the gameplay is unique and well-thought, every character in the game is consistent and every collab is interesting. Long live Last Cloudia !

it simply is the best way to communicate with your friends. Simple, light, convenient and efficient.
Beware of scams though.

I really like the soul land franchise, that's why I am more than delighted to see a new official game about it. However, this game is your traditional all auto game (a plus for the rendering in battle) and I still don't know why my 1370k power team loses to some 800k power team, it doesn't make any sense

Wonder Forest Craft


I like 2 things : pixel art and offline games.
What a pleasure to find the both of them in the same game. If you're annoyed by ads, just turn your Wi-Fi off.

Hero Cantare | Global


Currently lacking materials to upgrade my heroes, like everyone in this game [汗顏]



So simple and yet so good [開心]

That was quite the deception. After all the wait, disappointment is the only feeling that remains. A crappy gameplay, about no storyline at all and it turns to be a fuc*ing p2w game. I really hope they will quickly close this game, say it was a long April fool and release the real game.

Princess Punt Sweets


I can sum up this game by this :
open the game > loading > select main story > loading > select level > loading > select your unit and friend > loading > complete the level > loading > claim the reward for completing the level > loading ...

This f**king loading screen appears almost every time you touch the screen and it completely ruins this game

I guess my nen is too weak since I can't play...

Disappointed that the slime doesn't get new skills by eating monsters

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issue Am I the only one having that issue? it's been weeks now. Read Note
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