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Hero Cantare | Global


Currently lacking materials to upgrade my heroes, like everyone in this game [汗顏]



So simple and yet so good [開心]

That was quite the deception. After all the wait, disappointment is the only feeling that remains. A crappy gameplay, about no storyline at all and it turns to be a fuc*ing p2w game. I really hope they will quickly close this game, say it was a long April fool and release the real game.

Princess Punt Sweets


I can sum up this game by this :
open the game > loading > select main story > loading > select level > loading > select your unit and friend > loading > complete the level > loading > claim the reward for completing the level > loading ...

This f**king loading screen appears almost every time you touch the screen and it completely ruins this game

I guess my nen is too weak since I can't play...

Disappointed that the slime doesn't get new skills by eating monsters

Aura Kingdom R


Just a deception, there is nothing to save in this game...

Blazing Odyssey


server shutdown...

This game is great, like a J-star victory vs however the loading screens are way too long, that detail completely ruins this game. Hope the game will be faster and smoother.

still doesn't work... I'm crying alone in my bed at night

Quite enjoyable at first because it's a SAO game and bla bla bla, it becomes quite boring due to the many reconnections, lags, bugs and I don't know why but my general impression of this game at the level 47 is : bland, insipid.
Moreover, you absolutely NEED a 4☆ skill to progress in the game or it will become fastly a pain in the a**.
In conclusion, this is a very narrow open-world game.

World Cross Saga


Well... that was certainly the darkest black screen I've ever had



Just get rid off these loading screens and it will be perfect. Good units are very hard to get so when you finally obtain one, a feeling of immeasurable joy fills your body. I haven't felt that way in any other gacha game.

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