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a game that surely doesn't take alot of your time playing it. it's just full auto, click and collect.
don't look for a story there's none, the live 2d are okay and girls are cute.
nothing exceptional on this game, there's pvp so it's ofc P2W in that domain.

Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Okay, after 1 year and half playing it, i think i can give a good review of it. I'll give details, this will be long guys.

i'll be honest directly : the only point that keeps me playing this game is that utawarerumono is one of my favorite universe ever.

if you understand japaneese, the story is realy good with brand new characters added to the universe and now they're working on voicing the whole story. i'll not expand much on it.

New accounts:
the early game is quite pretty hard for the genre. at least from my memory. Every stage has some mechanics you have to respond in some ways or the fight becomes really hard. And with the limited choices of new accounts this is sometime extremely frustrating.

game's routine:
i'll speak more of the end game and so gache routine of this game since that's where i am now ... so here's what awaits you if you stick to this game :

every month has its event, and the event lasts the whole month. Stages are unlocking at devs' will during it.
the combat mechanic somewhat feels nice for a gacha game, with good mechanics you have to think of and all... but feels unexploited to their full potential. The really good eelements wheel from utawarerumono games is... not really there anymore. Your can only get bonuses if you match the enemy's element, no disadventages.

it makes me come to the main problem or strenght of this title :
once you reach a certain critical mass of strong units/mirrors, you don't play the game anymore. Your daily routine is to buy your daily stamina items from all the shops, gulp them down, use skip tickets on the event node of your choice, collect reward and see if you can take something you want from the event shop with it. You don't even get to use your units daily a single time of there's nothing new.
And if there's something new you don't see them long either. there's so many teams able to just instantly burst down enemies down that whatever the "very hard" nodes gimick they can try to throw at you, you just instantly delete them within 5 seconds of fight.

Every 3 months, raid events are held alongside the usual one : you farm the usual event to get access tokens for the raid event in the shop.
raids are boss fights, with multiple phases, and you have to build up to 5 full teams that will take the fight one after another in attempt to beat it. this is the only challenge of the game as for now, and it makes you actually finaly play it. You can enjoy your synergies and watch them work here, and it's pretty damn nice imo. And the raid rewards are genraly interesting.

Balance :
i'm speaking of power... so let's talk more about it.
the gap in power between units is stupidly high. Some units are auto include in all team given their abilities (hello haku!) while others are barely usable, as for any gacha games you would say. that's right i'd answer, but if there is a nnew gimick and you lack the new character/mirror to fight it... you're up to build a broken team to brute force it, and you'll have to roll or it given the strong powercreep there is.

which lead me to my last point but not least of this review : the cursed RNG of gacha games.
so lets start with the basis : forget about getting a good gems income in the game. if you do your homeworks correctly, you get 30 gems daily, and 150 from standard loggin through the week... that's a whooping 360 gems a week... for a game that needs 3000 to roll the gacha 10times... event rewards are not saving the day on that point too, if you want to roll... you'll have to save alot of time.
at least there is roll tickets to save the day : with each events (so each months) comes 40 tickets to collect through the shop, daily loggins, or event score milestones. so you have 40 rolls each months, that are only usable on the event banner and are only available for their event... no saving on them between events.
each event introduces 2 new units per month, divided in 3 banners through it : a 2 week character banner will appear first, then a second banner will appear 1 week later featuring the 2 of them that will last until the end (revealing the 2nd character at that moment) then the 2 last week will have the 2nd character solo banner. You can use your tickets on any of them. there is a pitty systems, that gives you a rate up character from the banner after 10 multi rolls, but singles and ticket rolls don't count on that pity... so don't count on it unless you're a whale.

aside of those banner there's also an advent banner each month, which features characters/mirrors unique to this kind of banner and a double SSR rate. raid events can provide 10 tickets for those ones. else it's up to gems, event characters are not in so it's a hard choice to make.

because yes : event characters and mirrors are increasing your event points gain, points you can trade in event shop for goodies... and not having bonuses from gacha is seriously shutting down your ability to get everything you want in this shop in time.
So limited rolling ressources and tought rolling choices you have to make are leading to frustration, and frustration is leading to looking for more gems, aka buying them... it's well made and they know their stuff, it's really easy to fall for it in utawarerumono lost flag, they're pushing you to the gacha like few game are doing it and you don't always notice it... be really aware of it if you plan on playing it.

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