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Jiggly booty everywhere...

Pokemon Home


An all-in-one storage for keeping and moving your Pokemon between Pokemon's Game

Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


A Pokemon game that's the closest to bringing Pokemon into reality.

A dungeon crawling rpg game

Waifu collecting games with NSFW contents... Play at your own risks when in public places.

Turn based combat games with variables of characters to collect.

Male version of Idolm@ster, Love Live and such games.

MapleStory M | Global


A game of that brings nostalgia for those who used to play MapleStory with PC

A Remake of an older game but with improve graphic. perfect for those who loves this series and this very game



Good place to spend some times looking at pictures or short videos of various genres...

Google Translate


Extremely helpful tools in translating other language to English... Though used it with a pinch of salt cause some of the translation may be incorrect or hard to understand from time to time...

A very good app to use for a lot of purposes. From voice communications between friends when playing games that don't provide such function.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


A game perfect for Moba lovers that don't have a PC. And the gameplay is shorter than a normal Moba game in PC, perfect for those that want to play short game during rest.

A pretty nice training simulation game. It's a perfect game for those who do not mind the repeatitiveness of the gameplay and trolling from your own luck and RNG the sake of train the most perfect Uma Musumes you envisioned.

It's a good game with a good storyline, especially for the event one, always makes me have a good laugh... You gotta enjoy it with a good amount of salt though...

Granblue Fantasy


A very fulfilling game with a lots of things can be done(grind)...

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Though it cost money for it... but very suitable for people who likes challenges Read Note
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