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Tenka Hyakken


Overall system are great even though it not fully live2d (fully l2d is like when u drag the screen character eyes will follow where you drag).
Characters will greet you in different line depend on time and affection.
You can set up 2nd skill for every girls.
F2P friendly and average character (3%) gacha rate (gacha rate increase to around 5-6% at the end of each month) but character and weapon and skill gacha share the same pool so good luck with that lol.
But one thing that bad is this game isn't well optimized, it too lag and have some fps drop even my phone can handle most 3D games (Like Honkai Impact). If your phone is flag ship tier then it fine i guess.
Otherwise this game is great and battery friendly better give it a try.
Also Facebook english community of this game admin always bad mouth other game and I got kicked and ban from his FB group , idk why.. did i triggered him ? lol btw his fb name is Destiny Jing Yuan Soo.

Gameplay is kinda boring
while the game have good story both from anime arc and before anime arc which is good
Does recommend for who that like to read story.
Doesn't recommend for who that dislike auto gameplay (all of gameplay in this game are auto except skill timing but you can also turn on auto skill tho.)
also this game drain battery very fast....

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