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it's good and helpful for depressive people who want to give up and stuff. Ofc it helps for studying and learning things you learn or will learn or want to learn



it has the same issue as Pokémon go, but i guess it's just niantic that releases incomplete games and call it a day

Pokémon Sleep


how more bad can gamefreak get

Lilt Way


Cringe new gen music and RPG elements don't go good together

it's ok, the story is normal not bad but also nothing special.
You have to pet the head of your waifu dog to unlock a chapter(each unlocked after the gauge if full and after purchasing key items for the next chapter after petting)


Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


This game is ok but it's still like a tech demo, why not making a full fledged game out of it like dragon quest walk ???? I played it for a while but stopped because of boredom because it's like your playing a tech demo

i know ys 6 and it's a great game but this "remake" is fuc***g cringe and trash. Nihon falcom is putting the ip into dirt lately and i for fuc***g f**k sake hate this. This "game" is trash and fu****g cheap

The game is actually good, could have been an console game but it's always the same with those type of developers. One bad point is like every mobile game nowadays NO OFFLINE MODE ! but yeah overall story is ok , but the character is weird. Also i feel like this is hour typical "all woman no man character" game which js annoying as f***

This game was actually good but i saw that in flights you shoot automatically. This was unpleasant for me because i want to shoot at the enemy how i want like how other flying shoot em ups are, and i don't want to get hints where to shoot.

GenEi AP: Empty Heart


nothing special. Music is kinda cringe af

Bub's Puzzle Blast!


it's good i guess

Its cute. I hope the japanese version will be finished quick, i dont like playing games in chinese



this game is only worth if you want to play it for the story. The story is great and schallot is a great character.

it's better than Skype

Super Cat Tales 2


it's a perfect sequel to SCT1 (Cat bros). I like it. have not finished this game yet, but want i am far in it



It's a great Dungeon based Rpg game. Only thing is it's just straight forward, for mobiles it's acceptable but not for pc,etc. though. It's not boring at all i don't get what people have. sadly though because of a bug where the game won't detect any touch, near the end i could not finish the game (last dungeon)

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