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Blood Chaos


Another auto game

If it weren't for the need of VPN I'd give it a 5.

Project Babel





15 minutes per 1 stamina and you are capped at 20 which do not replenish for every level up you get. Once you deplete your stamina you'll have to wait for at least 5 hours to play again, unless of course you opt for their stamina subscription.

GOETIAX | Japanese


The game is decent, at least that's what I think. What turned me off is that measly 1% chance for a SR unit.

Ikki Tousen


An okay game, gameplay feels really outdated.

Crappy game with crappy rates.

Teria Saga


The game is good and a little different than the usual hero collectig games. The only thing I didn't like is the abysmal rate for SSR units.

Auto play kills this game.

Gets kinda boring pretty easily.

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What's the total file size for this game? Curious because once I got in the game it asks me again to download like 3000+ mb Read Note
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