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Subs to my Youtube channel please. @S3 Bayaya
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Subs to my Youtube channel please. @S3 Bayaya
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I like the idea that you have to control these girls who are the size of giant robot.

Review and Gameplay

This game is a freaking pachinko machine simulator. I'm just here for the horse design, it's pretty cool to see some trivia for their design here and there.

Velvet Code | Japanese


what can i say. this is such a piece of shit of a game. i can't believe they lauch this game with some freaking annoying bugs. game freeze in the tutorial battle and throughout my game time i receive this bug where the projectile just pass through, effing no collision detected which mean both enemies and me can't damage each other. I can't believe i push myself through world 3 with that bug. next is sounds, can't they get a better compression of their audio quality? it sound horrid. it remind me of old kancolle game. what a bust. hope they improve over time. menu design is a bit confusing but it's not bad to to be different in that regard. the battle is auto shooter and you just need to adjust direction and movement but there is no lock on or switch target button you have radar to show your enemy position but then you won't be able to focus evading enemy attack.

Pokemon Unite


Again and again, developer always neglect the sound design. It's horrid, lacking, uninspired. Where is the sound of the flapping wing, where's the sound of Pikachu cute footstep. C'mon, give a little thought for the sound. It's dead if you turn off the music and i love to play game with no music on.

C'mon dev, give them the anime voice.

I have no problem with gameplay, it's my first ever moba.

Blue Archive | Japanese


I think the best part of this game is the bit of twist around the battle system. Particularly the interactive environment during battle. Units will use those as barrier, the enemies too but the important thing is you can interact with it. I hope dev can expand on this by adding environmental damage or use them to box enemies in, move them around in limited capacity to gain advantage.

I really want more control especially in regard of positioning. A simply point n click will do the charm if dev can add that in.

Shameless plug in for my video for this game

Final Gear | Japanese


Right now the game is really buggy so expect freeze and crash in the game. there's also much needed balancing in raid mode. for some reason publisher remove the premium gear gacha and you have to buy character special gear individually. not necessarily a bad thing tho cuz its reduce the amount of rng involved in this game. get to level 50 as fast as you can to fully unlock all the gamemode. cheers.

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Sengoku Renka Zoom!


I like the graphic its pretty smooth overall and im using like low spec phone for this game. The music is okay and the game has voiced event cutscene in between story mode here and there. Gameplay is your casual 3/4 degree third person view, full of fancy effect. Its fantasy sangokuden story so you got the usual element story.

nothing much to talk bout. Gacha result was pretty bad tho, really low rate. The elemental system also effect greatly to gameplay making it painful if you dont have the correct element before you go on stages.

Game is fun, kinda feel like Irosn Saga except you have the control. It remind me of NES game i played in the past. Gacha is super friendly, you get to reroll as much as you want for your first ten.

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Last Origin | Japanese


lt is a good game with one of the better learning curve for a mobile game. You were given stage 1 and 2 where you can test the water, brute force them all the way till stage 3. Beyond that you have think about your units skill, passive and active, formation and the type of your enemy fighting. No OP units to win them all stages, no one ways to finish the battle.

Monetization model are similar to Azur Lane, where you will mostly buying skin, which rather high quality. Tits and Ass, you know them. As for the units in this game, in term of how easy for yoy to collect them... It was super easy, Most of SS units dropped from stages as long as you know what you were doing with team building.

I can't say this much better, it is really fun to build team to finish particular stage that crap on your previous team.

There is actually auto battle in this game but you have to unlock it first. You dont have to but you can.

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I download this game just to say this


Thank you.



Visual was really nice 60 fps fast paced action animation goodies.

This game is very resource happy but thankfully you can adjust the graphic setting in this game.

I can play just fine on my phone but when i switched to emu, it keep crashing especially after battle or freeze before the battle start.

You can have attack helicopter for a waifu, what a great game.

It's pretty standard hack n slash, lackluster sfx, asagi ass is bigger than her tits which is nice.

you can basically unlock almost everything in the game in 1 hours minus the one that need money.

Dragon Blaze


The epitome of autoplay and farm life.
Game show no limit of evolving characters.
Just tune in for the story, its really epic.



You can get it for free on google play. Watch out for $0 deals.

World Flipper | Japanese


its a great game, blablablabla wind element too op blablablablabla, nerfed blablablabla it was balance issue blablabla, great pixel animation, blablabla ppl with small pp got butthurt since their team no longer op blablabla.

im just a filthy casul, give me more energy for playing. who cares about meta and whatnot.

Trash indeed.

Border Reign | Japanese


I love it.

Grid style strategy game is my favorite. The battle also really fun with each class have their own unique movement and type of attack.

Visual aint bad. Its really good. The sprite look sharp and smooth. Music kind of meh but i like the sound effect when you do skill n stuff.

Too bad i dont know much japonski to understanf the story.

No Single Player Mode Ever.
360/10 would play with ur mom.

Neko Home 97


Ignoring the totally not lewd icon of the game. This a pretty nice time wasting game.

Dont mind the GUI you should be able to play after a few tap here and there.

A Street Cat's Tale


I really love this game. Its kinda sad at the beginnin but such is the life of a wild cat.

I wish there are a bit more camera control in this game so when trying to move the camera would move, showing more are to the direction where im moving.

Have fun, fellow cat survivor.

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