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No Single Player Mode Ever.
360/10 would play with ur mom.

Neko Home 97


Ignoring the totally not lewd icon of the game. This a pretty nice time wasting game.

Dont mind the GUI you should be able to play after a few tap here and there.

A Street Cat's Tale


I really love this game. Its kinda sad at the beginnin but such is the life of a wild cat.

I wish there are a bit more camera control in this game so when trying to move the camera would move, showing more are to the direction where im moving.

Have fun, fellow cat survivor.

Google Translate


Its not a game but whatever.

mighty helpful if you need help translating image thank to the ocr feature.



I dont know why is this even here, but ill rate it anyway.
Been a users since a 2005.

Pretty easy to use, no option to download gif tho. Have to use another app for that, which prone to crash.

Project NOAH


Whey look at those bishie sparkles. Instead they give me all these girls.

Interface are futuristic in design but its dark, why does it have to be dark? Its sea setting, give me blue and white.

Then the ships. they look like jetski with a cannon attach to the front. Who ride these shits to war with no helmet or armor on. Design also really bad. this gamr need more bright colors.

Anyway this game is just a turn based RPG. Battle look like warship girls but it has lots of effect thats not quite match the static sprite of the characters. There is cut-in animation for skill activation tho.
And thw tutorial is really dry.

Yep this game should have been an actual VN with some rpg elements slap on to padding game play time. Some dumbass just add gacha, girls characters and throw it to the market for more monies.

Love the OST tho.

Heavily Armoured Heroine


Great side scrolling mecha action. Control 1 out of 4 units you can deploy in a battle, switch anytime.

No limit on how much time you can play but exp gain is limited at certain amount.

The main part is of course mecha part collecting to make your cool robot. Certain mecha part is a set with their pilot which unlocks their true form. Some are not but they look cool anyway. I prefer to mix n match as long as it look cool to hell with stats.

The difficult part is enhancing the skill and the rarity of the pilots. You need certain items to do it which really limites in the game.

I think they reduce the number of enemies in a battle which is a bummer since i like the difficulties.

also Mizuki Nana. [色色][色色][色色]

Another Eden | Global


Love the art, love the time travel twist in it and of course love the frog sensei.



Very tasteful in presentation even if the gameplay itself is nothing new. Love the music that only play in the game screen where you pop the balloon. The ads is very subtle except in the lab.

Since the game teach about the importance of green energy, it could be fun to connect to some sort AR aspect in real life.

Great job, dev. Im buyin this game.

Guns of Soul2


Gameplay was cool and fun. Its an auto shooters so you only worry about aiming, dodge and using special.

There is not many playable character as seen in the gacha and power rely on varieties of resource. game use RPS system for boss and pvp.

but of course it has VIP system so the game was a massive pile of mountain slimy turd unless you have some money to spent.

Im surprised with the quality of the 2d sprites. its really good. the music use some from the original show.

I was just hoping that i can make my own hero in the game.

Stella Maiden | English


Tadpole waifus swimming around in space.

Finally the JP version is out. The latency is much better for this version. no more disconnect during battle.

Really love the music and gameplay. The music is really intense and heroic. There is still the weird stutter if you zoom in on your ship during battle.

Don't forget that you can equip your ship with more guns and torps and planes.

Sail ahoy.

OH~! My Office


Ha, this is amazing and fun. The mechanics are interesting.

You need to balance your action. Doing too much, loss morale, less result. Doing less, loss morale, less result.

Plenty fun for casual, can be hardcore for the crowd.


Surprisingly good.
Nice L2D.
Buttery smooth battle animation.
Take the roleplay part very seriously.

So the game is here. To be clear its the game of the anime which was loosely adapted from the manga.

The battle system was quite underwhelming to say the least. active turn with two skill button and sp skill that can be used once a sortie. I wish i could control the ships movement to add to the complexity. Iona look dumb as a sub throwing torps on a surface like that.

the gacha was overly complicated, you need like 4? 5? different mats to build a ship.

i cant zoom on the ship's model? wth. not the mental model, you pervert. the actual ship model.

Since this is based on the anime, i wont get any ship thats new to the manga.

Anime suck, read the manga guys. Kongo is my bae.




The battle was made using one-hand operation in mind. I quite like it.

The character costumization is very vast so you dont have to worry about creating your own unique character.

The gacha was unique, it was a dungeon where you need to fight the monster inside to get the gear you want.

Last Origin


The censorship doesnt bother me much. It still the fun game that i played before.

I want them to add more mecha and bonus combination if players role out with certain units combination.

To people who lost their account because they dont link it with google account? Though shit, just roll a new account.

Join our discord channel for guide, community and lolis.

Last Origin


Since its in Korean, I cant comment on the stories element but I really dig the aesthetic of the game.

Also pls stop bashing the game rating just because you cant play the game, wait until you can play it.

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