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Qooapp force me to fav their sponsored game...
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Qooapp force me to fav their sponsored game...
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Neural Cloud | English


Game is great overall, animation awesome.

I will mostly point the faults

Their mistakes from GFL is repeated in this game.
Gameplay need some QOL improvement and for the dev to think outside their comfy zone or their old design. For example the Fragment Search Stage is just bad by gameplay design and redundant to be played everyday in terms of gameplay.
Progression is old fashioned by design and sucks. Player punished for not sticking to 1 core teams (Due to game progression rush = more resources permanently). Not to mention expensive levelling to catch up to current stage level.
The amount of units to bring to the field are few, which is ironic due to this game is gacha unit collecting game, but it is less incentives for players to invest in other units until late in progress.
But even then you will still want to powerup your core team due to autoplay (you want the simple AI on autoplay to win the stage, so you need team that can pass the stage with ease)

Certain characters are not homescreen material at all (hopefully only few of them). Not only their VA voice is limited, they only speak few words and repeats often.
Honestly seems most of the effort only goes to persica (and some others)...
Putting certain characters and hearing the same short voicelines repeated again and again is just.. ugh...
Correction: sounds seems to unlock with affection lvl, still seeing how it will goes. I'm not sure how to trigger it i homescreen.

Shops are cluttered.
Its a pain getting used to it, and the main screen jumps and shift oftens, but is not a big deal.
They should clean up their shops a bit.
I hope the monthly subs is not more than 1 type.
Let's see what's in their shop next month.
I'll update Value score by then (either +1 or -1)

Is Ok

It's reskin of the typical chinese game. Very predatory.
They could do better if they put more effort on each character (like certain H-gacha game)
But no, it's only plain reskin.
Only certain characters have events, and it's only few and locked behind massive paywall or progress.

The graphic are nice, but better go to pixiv for eye candies.
Sounds are minimal and horrible.
Characters only have limited voice lines, and some VA are used again and again in low quality effort.
UI are disastrous.
Gameplay is meh and old, as you expect from a reskin.
Story does not exist, as expected from low effort reskin.

Value, better go to someplace else for eye candies.

Don't trust the high rating of the game, they give ratings for in game prize.

Arknights | English


Art is great, I'm excited whenever a new skin come.

Sound, they hired talented peeps for their music, 2 years in, always enjoyed whatever music they churn out.

Gameplay, is Gacha TowerDefense.
Well executed, some disagreement, but pretty much well done. Each new event/chapter bring themed mechanics for that stage, so pretty much new fun every once in a while. Some fun mechanics are under utilized though (like the ice slider is so few in the Break The Ice event).

Daily Base management is a bit painful.
But those are the main source for powerup resources.
If you want to play AK you need to prepare for this.
Still, it is not as bad as many other gacha games daily missions.

Early story is kinda bad.
Picks up significantly the further in,
each chapter and event is now a worthy read that add lots to the content.
I don't think early teens can appreciate it much though.

I'm year 1 player, the only thing I bought is the monthly card and the anniversary 6* unit pick.
Which I bought with no regret given how I like the game.
I have no problem having fun in the game, and pretty much have 80~90% of all operator in the game.
F2p may have stricter guidelines to follow, but I think most of them are doing great.

For newcomers,
Starting in late in 2022/2033, might suffocate you seeing the amount of units to raise.
My advice: Just know that you are doing fine even without all those 5* or 6*, and there are plenty of stage clear guides at YT.

For F2P
Save the OP you got from clearing stages exclusively for skin.
Due to how AK is designed, new players won't miss much cumulated Free-OP when compared to veteran players.
With that said, you can probably buy 50~60% of existing costume once you collect all the free OP (ROUGH ESTIMATE)

Terrible Gacha, terrible content, and terrible game development. Despite the amount of mobile sales, the Dev nor the Shareholder decides to improve the game in any significant way.

2 years in, no major changes, nor any major improvement in gameplay nor content.

The story is written in Chuunibyou disease style, everything is kept mysterious, everyone speaks mysteriously and in puzzle. However, the plot is nowhere strong as the suspense build up; when the fact is out, turns out just a cheap and stupid plot. Surprisingly, seems like most of FGO players are suckers to this type of story writing, which means either they have low taste also, or they never read better story/writings. Which is very sad fact to discover. Story is cliche and cringy and chuunibyouish.
Ammendment: some chapters have better writings, apparently I found out different writers/story directors do different chapters. My opinion still stand as the good chapters are few in between.

Servant is more or less a copy paste of each other, some Servant like Merlin are purposely made to be OP broken to encourage Gacha.
Fact, from game release until today, there are ALMOST NO NEW unique servant skill.

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