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Awww man what am I gonna do, should I make another account?
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Awww man what am I gonna do, should I make another account?
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Okay no more thinking about anything bad about this game, especially about the language.

Well sometimes, at some points, I see that this game is a 'better' version of Food Fantasy. They have the room thingy so we can decorate our own room, different mechanism of leveling 'food soul' up (idk how they called it, just use the FF term), and they can move. I mean, like Bandori, the characters can move.

And the sad thing is, besides Pecking Duck, idk what their names are. Like seriously, I just know it's them from their look. I can't really say their name, so I just call them like, "the blue haired man" or "the double-color-eyed man"........

Like how everyone wishing it, I hope we get a global version or English one. Hey, Japanese version is still open for register >.<

And if they don't, like any other games... has a Wiki page?



As one of my favorite game, I should give my positive review too.

[ SPOILER ALERT. If you don't want to see any spoilers, do not proceed to read. ]

I rarely see a character was made so real that I think I want to meet her someday somehow. This game has 3 endings, each ending leads you to different feel, though it didn't affect any of the analysis results. If you have played long enough, you can see which choices that belongs to Es, Facade, or neutral.

And, even though I know that adding more books to collect butterflies (this is different from the book that player and Es talked about after the true ending) means adding more storyline (cause the last book in it seems pointless), maybe adding some new lines for Es would be okay? I love talking to her so much.

And if you're a big fan of the game, be sure to check the game's website (they have wallpapers to download) and leave review

Another underrated game that is way more fun and new to me. If other match-3 games are way too boring for you, try this. You'll feel like 'being chased' cause you'll need to win before your opponent (but the opponent is a bot tho), but it is kinda different feel than the one that quite famous...



Cute game [色色]




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UwU I can't wait!! XD 
Sadly we don't see any release date, so that I can prepare myself... nyehehehehe πŸ˜†
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