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Ever Legion


Looks like game puzzle breakers but, i think more friendly this game. also have good graphics. well winner payers of course but free one still just good.

this game pay 2 win. you can play free but don't expect much and must really play for long time, maybe months and years. but still so many player in advance & payers. [發火][汗顏][驚訝]

Eternal Ember


f2p friendly and can play anytime. [色色]
#For Girls

Tamashi : Rise of Yokai


Warning, not f2p friendly. too many function and complex that really need a lot of spend money. & maybe the market not for me, too much time consuming because so many events hours. maybe the market for they who not working

#Bishoujo #Bishōjo

The Art, Music, Story super Awesome.

The play just kindaa hard on Twistune (normal & hard) , i got help from my sister. .i'm not good on rhytim game

The Beginning is f2p friendly because we can reroll free SSR, i don't know about rate after because still keep my dias. read other comment, is still friendly.

i will prefer pick (personally opinion)
Danmachi > Sword Art Online IF > Grandblue Fantasy/ Disney TW > Dragon Quest Tact/ Tensura
(because that game i ever tried) [開心][色色]

Well i love RPG, the monster is too much i think even with gacha, well obviously great for business. for f2p is good, you can get definitely S Rank with a really lot of gacha. but if i pick with danmachi i would really prefer danmachi more. the tactics bring different perspective with action type. [開心]

Idle Defense: Dark Forest


i think this is a very good cheap & can be free game for my relieve stress

but sometime still a bug sometimes

I think this game ia great adventure, easy function, great visualization & nice story

Tensura:King of Monsters


sugoiiii, well gacha rates very low but i can understand because business & new game. [開心]

after play, realize this game not good for free player, free player is benefit more in danmachi. but anyone love the anime will like to try this.

i think this game is great, many free gacha, great events, good storyline based on anime. actually i really like and love it, but i can't play anymore because of work. super cool gacha. thankyou danmachi team. [開心][色色]

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Ever Legion Invites Well seems f2p friendly but of course the payer have more winner
Join me and build your legion now!
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