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Hands down best Naruto mobile game love the graphics love the gameplay and if your a Naruto fan then u will love this game and also ignore the whiny 5 year old brats below who are whining about the summon rates they just have bad luck and are blaming the game because of it yeah the summon rates aren't amazing(what gacha game doesn't have amazing summon rates) but they aren't bad either I've gotten up to 3 to 4 5 stars in one multi now sometimes they are fake golds(which are 4 stars just evolved already, but sometimes they are all actual 5 stars and I'm a f2p player u just have to get lucky.

The game looks amazing the gameplay is really good and the graphics look amazing and don't listen to the people that are downvoting the game only because Bandai is trying to make it operatonal anyway like I said it's a fun game and if u love HxH then u will love this game best HxH game ever

Ikki Tousen


This is actually not bad of a game I can easily see myself play this game for awhile also ignore the idiots down below who claim this a bad game

I love this game the gameplay is great, the graphics look fantastic and if u love Yu Yu Hakusho then u will definitely love this game and ignore the idiots down below that are complaining like bitches over drop rates...... smh and the game came out a few days ago so give the damn game some time to grow

Everytime I finish a story mission it takes me out the game and it already happened 3 times

It is the first day of the game so there is some improvements that need to be made especially that message that pops up after u do your summon which I have no idea how to get around it (please help) but overall great game

I'm glad this game is getting revamped didn't really like the chibi characters

It ain't that bad of a game it will probably get better overtime

I really love this game it is awesome especially the specials and if u a 3 star u don't have to feel bad u can just evolve it to a 5 star [微笑]

Y does it keep downloading the package everytime I go in the game

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Whoever is scroll through here have a an awesome week [微笑] Read Note
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