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Aether Gazer | Global


well i can praise the BGM, the voice the graphic but that is pretty much given in most game nowaday.
That say, the idea of making AI-teammate instead of swap them around like Honkai or Punishing Gray Raven is... weird.
Because they basically became auto-mode, just level up 2 melee heroes to max then you basically don't have to do anything beside walking around to move the scene forward.

But i won't call this a bad game, just already played many similar games like it, this one just don't fit me enough to keep going.
Edit: after play it some more, rank up further to unlock more mode.... it is still hard for me to keep going.
-The material stage only let you increase drop up to x2, it is so easy that i just leave it to my Ai-member to deal with everything.
-Because of how easy a lot of the stages are, i can't even enjoy the chain ultimate because normal enemy just die before that even trigger while boss health is so low at that point to even do it.
-There are only few characters with bond stories right now and even then, it only have like 2-3 stories.
- While they seem to put a lot of effort into the skills but the ultimate evade before have much variant, it mostly just Honkai "time slow" instead of give you a counter attack to hit enemy back.

Feel like the more i play the more this game value will drop for me so i will stop at rank 30

N-INNOCENCE- | English


it just launch on NA server with IP block so you can't even use VPN to bypass it.

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