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This is amazing. Must be one of the few mobile game where the graphics, gameplay, artstyle, and music are on point. You can tell that the developers made this game with their hearts on it. Simply a 5 for me. Excellent job!


This is by far the best RPG game I've played on a mobile. It brings back the good old single rpg game vibe I've been looking for. The stories are great, aside from the main quest there are also tons of side quests with individual stories each. Gameplay is smooth, but the best part is the beautiful music you hear and there are different BGM for every place you go. [哇噻]

Dragalia Lost


All the songs are really good. Daoko is perfect![色色]

Smooth gameplay. The art stayed true like in the anime.

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Luck drained for this one. Damn got very lucky on global and got the 2 exclusive world-item Aura and Mare characters I didnt have in Jp. Read Note
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