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Tanoshii all day, every day!
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Super cute characters with a really charming design and presentation! MEOW is a turn-based RPG and with it's chibi character design, it gives me Final Fantasy III DS vibes! Except here, you get to build your own character and join in the adventure yourself!

I'm a huge fan of character creators, I can spend hours just making characters, rather than playing the actual game. And I happy to say there are a decent number of options for your character! And when you select your class, all of the designs are super cool as well! I honestly went with an archer, just cause I liked the costume hahaha! [開心]

Also since I keep praising the design and presentation. A lot of the cities and backgrounds remind me of Bastion, with it's vibrant colors and mix of nature of ancient structures. So it gets a big thumbs up from me there too!

If you like turn-based RPGs with some modern twists and really strong presentation, give MEOW a try!



This is a super cute and easy to use avatar / character creator! There's a decent amount of options for your character's eyes, hair, and accessories! And you're even able to make simple backgrounds, add photo stickers and filters, and you can even some freedom in adjusting where the eyes, nose, mouth, and accessories go.

The overall design and UI is easy to use and is filled with cute colors and style. Not to mention the background music, which I can again only describe as cute! It really gets you in the mood to make your original character!

And as mentioned before, you have quite a few options when it comes to designing your character. You can purchase new outfits, backgrounds, and character models in the store, for relatively cheap. And as much as I always want more clothing options, there are still plenty of fun ones to use that are free!

Give this a try if you want to make a cute custom avatar or just have fun decorating your own anime character!

Eclipse Isle


So this game might have the most impressive graphics I've seen in a mobile game so far! The character designs remind me of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #(FE x SMT), with costumes from Dynasty Warriors. And the entire game uses 3D graphics, with a lighting system that gives it a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild soft cel-shading. Not to mention, it ran rather smoothly on my phone without causing it to catch on fire!

The gameplay is a Hero Battle Royale, which sounds complicated on paper, but is pretty straightforward! Your character has certain abilities that work on a cooldown, but you can move about freely and use basic attacks. And like most BR games, you'll have to move around the large arena and gather supplies / weapons. You'll want to take advantage of your character's abilities and see if you can also upgrade the equipment you find. There's also bows and arrows you can use, which gives you a range advantage!

The game has support for English and it has tutorials that will walk you through everything. So if it sounds confusing, don't worry! Try it out and tell me this game isn't impressive!

Lumia Saga


A game oozing with charm! The art style reminds me of a blend of Persona Q, Final Fantasy, and the Project Mirai chibis. Combined with the light hearted and catchy music, it makes for a really cute and almost relaxing game experience!

The game is an action JRPG, where you can move around freely during battles and tap your moves to attack right away. Each attack costs energy and you have a limited amount. But you have a special attack that will recover energy, but has a cooldown period. So you'll have to focus on dodging attacks by moving around, then deciding which attacks to use so that you can maximize your energy usage.

Everything is rendered with 3D graphics and you can see dozens of enemies and other players in real time. My favorite detail being that anytime you modify your weapon, its appearance will change too. It's quite impressive to be honest!

Give this game a try if you enjoy JRPGs, but want something a bit more action-y!

Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles


The gameplay is the shining part here. It's super simple, easy to learn, and there are a lot of puzzles that will test your skills. You play as Mr. Bullet and you have to kill all of the bad guys on the screen. To do this, you tap and hold down on the screen to make Mr. Bullet aim. You can see where the bullet is going to go and when you're ready to fire, you let go. You only have a limited amount of shots, so you want to take everyone out as efficiently as possible!

It seems really simple at first, as you shoot bad guys in straight lines. But the game introduces obstacles that block your shots, so you have to learn to bounce your bullets off of walls! It makes for a surprisingly fun and deep puzzle game!

The graphics and sound are unfortunately a little bland and going through the levels, there really isn't any story at all. On the upside, there are dozens of character skins to play with. But you have to earn them via gacha or spending lots of in game money on them. Also, the game has ads that play after several levels or as a way to earn in game rewards. You can pay to remove the ads, but honestly I just wait it out.

Brown Dust (Global)


I've been having a blast playing through the game's story missions! The game has a tactical battle system, where you select what characters you want to fight and then place them on a grid. And you want to place them strategically, with defenders on the frontline and the fighters / ranged attackers behind them! Then when you're ready, the battles will play out automatically and victory is determined by your team and your layout!

The graphics and presentation are all great as well. I especially love the designs of the female characters! They are cuuuuute and I want to roll just for them! The only thing I wish though, is that the art carried over to the battles. All of the characters have mini-chibi sprites during battles and while they're cute, they're not as good looking as their main art!

You should try this game out if you're looking for a JRPG with a bit more of a focus on strategy! Or if you really like cute girls, that's a good reason too! [開心]

Norns Fantasy (JP)


A highly addicting game that's easy to pick up and play! I'm a sucker for puzzle games and JRPGs, so whenever there's a game that can combine the two, I'm all for it!

The game has you selecting matching colored spheres in a row, trying to make the longest chain possible. You can also match special power spheres that will add the spheres around them, select some at random, or "slash" across the board to add them diagonally. The spheres you destroy via chaining them are then used to power up your party members. After a set amount of chains, your party will then attack the enemies. How well you matched the spheres, determines how strong your party will attack! It's super addicting and again, really easy to get the hang of.

The characters all have really great designs and the presentation is colorful and rich! The soundtrack is pretty strong as well, the battle musics were fun to listen to, although I did grow a bit tired of them during longer play sessions.

And the value is pretty good as well! The game has a gacha system and it does encourage you to spend money on limited time deals or premium currencies. But even then, the game seems balanced enough where you don't need to roll the rarest characters to play through.

This game is definitely work trying out. Whether you want to play in short bursts or to sit down for longer periods, there's definitely fun to be had!



This is a really useful app to have as an artist or as someone who loves to browse art! I've been a member of Pixiv for a long time now, as I am an artist myself. But I've always used the website on my computer and I never checked it on my mobile phone. Mostly because I thought the mobile website version was difficult to use.

But with the app, it's really easy to open it up and just start looking through all of the art! So even if I'm out of the house or waiting in line, I can still discover new artists or find art of my favorite series! (While I was typing this comment, I found Yakuza art of Kiryu and Majima wearing blocky suits like that Kanye West meme hahaha!)

The other cool thing I learned is that you can also read artists' manga and novels on the app too! They have categories for them, so you can read them in a matter of seconds! Using the app actually taught me more about Pixiv hahaha!

(Also I know this doesn't have sound or gameplay or story. But the app has tons of content like manga, I'll have to give it a good rating for that!)

This is a great tie-in game for the Takagi-san series!

The presentation and graphics are cute and charming, with bright colors and easy to use menus that help the whole game pop! Plus, you get to see Takagi-san and hear her talk on the menu and in the game portions.

The first part of the game is playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Takagi-san. You help Nishikata pick which one and the goal is to let Takagi win. Takagi will drop hints about which sign she'll pick and you have 10 seconds to decide. If you lose to her, you can then keep playing for a better reward! You can keep going up to 20 times for the biggest reward, but if you "win" against her, you will only receive the smallest reward.

The second part of the game is the AR function where you get to see Takagi-san come to life! However, you need to download and print out an AR marker first. And then, you'll need to get either the Standard or Full AR package.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY IT THOUGH. If you lose 20 times to Takagi in the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, you will earn the Standard Package. You can then use earned Gacha Points to unlock new AR functions or other rewards, like production art or character icons.

If you're a fan of the Takagi-san series, this is definitely worth playing! It is a little confusing on unlocking the AR function. But if you keep playing the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, you'll unlock it in no time!

This game has exceptionally impressive graphics for a mobile game! It is fully 3D for most parts, with painted character portraits during conversations.

In the game, you get to build your own kingdom and manage resources so that you can conquer other players' kingdoms and keep expanding. You can also roll for unique soldiers to use in PVP army battles, including characters from the show. And yes, they did get the actors and actresses' likenesses! (I got an A rank Jon Snow for my free roll, so I'm happy!)

And I was also surprised that all of the cutscenes are fully voiced in Chinese and that there are high quality CGI cutscenes as well!

The only big downside is that you have to wait real time to build army units and upgrade your different buildings. But! You can collect tokens that can be used to speed up the process. And you can get them every 10+ minutes. (You just have to tap the treasure chest icon on the right side of the screen!)

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#FeatureGame_2 Time for round 2 of a game I hope everyone will check out! This is a series that seems to be somewhat popular in Japan, but hasn't received much notice outside! Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero is a series about Yuuki Yuuna and her classmates / best friends who are a part of the Hero Club at school. As Heroes, they dedicate themselves to doing good deeds and helping others out. But when a mysterious app on their phone appears, the girls become real heroes and are forced to defend their world from god like beings known as Vertices.

The game captures the gorgeous art and colors of the show as you collect the members of the Hero Club, and other characters / heroes from the prequel and spin off series. There's also an original story where you get to see all of the characters from all the different stories interact with one another! So if you're a fan of the series, you'll definitely get a lot out of the story! And if you're new to the series, you'll have a great time helping the Hero Club fight off the Vertices!

Also one last thing to mention, this game has music from MONACA, which is the music studio from Keichii Okabe. You might recognize him as the composer for SINoALICE and NieR: Automata! He's always worked on the YuYuYu series and some of his best work is in this game too!

Game Name: Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero - Hanayui no Kiramei
Title: A Real Hero Succeeds If They Try!
Editor's Word: Join the Hero Club and fight for humanity, while enjoying music from the composer of SINoALICE and NieR!

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