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Revived Witch | English


Invite code: 983cc0ca

Love their artwork also easy to farm (exp, equipment etc.)

Love & Mystery


Honestly reminds me of Tears of Themis.

Feels like any typical auto game. Graphic feels nice but this auto game just makes me get bored of it really fast.. didnt even managed to get pass the tutorial and already deleted the game.

Probably more suited for people who are actually a fan of this.

Very fun game, global should also be in the process of releasing soon (dk when).

Didnt progress too far as ill want to switch to global version. But game story is in english subtitle and so is the voice acting, other than story the rest are in chinese.

My fav mode is the dancing but you only get to play it three times, also some mode is only open under certain timing.

Hufflepuff yyds :D

Pretty cute farming game, shall wait for global version (:

Shall wait for global (:

Too much advertisment.

Friend ID: 213074

A strong female lead that prefers hunting over tea parties (and actually fights in battle). Storyline not bad, gameplay pretty easy. Overall still easy to figure out even if youre unable to understand/read chinese.

Cookie Run: Kingdom


Invite link for rewards :

Surpringly not a bad game! Simple and fun (:


Phone no. is unable to register to play the game as it keeps asking for correct format, pretty sure a few people are also facing the same issue.

Will rate 1 star for now.

Best MOBA game in my opinion.
Game used to have english translation for awhile but they removed it randomly.

From ASIA so ping wise aint that bad about 90+ to 150+..

Downside: They have this random 10years ban and its impossible to remove, till date no idea why it happens but they would give reasons like due to Vulgar languages used.

Would still highly recommend to try it, unable to download on Qooapp but the download is available from the game website itself (:

Unknown Future


Love the game.

(PVE) Gameplay would be difficult to play if youre unable to read chinese as this is technically a card strategy game. Have to understand the card and what it does in order to defeat the bosses.
PvP wise it's auto unable to play manually.
Graphics are wonderful but storyline could be slightly boring.

Overall would look forward to global or english version of this game. [睡覺]

This game feels more like its in BETA test than official release. Think i shall stick to 王者 for now.
(Game takes pretty long to find and apparently people are having trouble buying heroes from shop)



hopefully it comes to global.. but at the same time global nexon is... ):

Its slightly better than Unison League in my opinion. Its easy to figure out the gameplay. (But can get quite boring as you farm the same stages over and over again) Also pretty generous.

Global version when? [懵懂]

Cant wait for the global to come out (:

Hope that it comes to Global. Graphic and gameplay is really good! Storyline you get to make your own choices (:

Shall hopefully wait for global to understand what im doin.



Hope they release global soon (:

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