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Exos Heroes (CBT)


did the original exos inspire finger knights or the other way around? are they the same because they literally look the same.



i dig this game alot. despite the language barrier figuring out the controls and gimmicks isnt hard when you use GOOGLE TRANSLATE like any reasonably intellignet human. the UI is easy to navigate and everything related is side by side in the menus. the pictures make it easier as well. learning how to recognize certain characters in foreign languages is easier than you expect. my only issue is the difficulty cutve at some areas. other than that, the art, graphics, and voices are awesome. the game is awesome, so dont let the language barrier stop you. use google translate to help you understand it.

just really cheap and boring. at least the slingshot was fun but this tile based. drops are ok but i just generally dislike everything about it.

Ark Order (zh-CN)


cant play unless you have chinese identification. *sigh* back to epic trash....i mean seven.....epic seven.

Epic Seven


love the game but a bit heavy on the difficulty curve considering how much work you have to do to progress. unless you get certain heroes (as always) you'll get stuck.

Warship Girls R


GF but with ships. lame ui, same art, boring gameplay, shit gacha system.

Sdorica sunset


game is great, but be prepared for.the leveling and difficulty to ramp up exponentially of you dont get certain heroes. drop rates are shit so pay attention to which heroes have the lowest drop rates, those are the most powerful, and useful ones. i love the game but it gets frustrating when you cant win because you dont have a hero that everyone else has.



I LOVE IT! The multiplayer is horrible but thats because people are generally moronic. other than that it's fantastic

Endless Strike


qooapp is gonna have to stop posting apps from these specific developers. the apks you get for the games dont ever load because of the region. it works if you download it from tap tap though

Sengoku Asuka ZERO


you mean to tell me 4 days in and the game crashed? was this a global version?

Abyss Horizon (JP)


i love it. im stuck at the maneuvering stage since i cant reach the end in time, which pisses me off, buy besides that hiccup, the game is pretty awesome.

outside of gacha being shit the game is awesome. the heroes you have can make or break you.



it's cute but i would NOT spend any cash on it....or time....or effort...

Vital Gear


i like it buy atm it's kicking me out alot so i might come back later

Devil Maker:Arena


shouldve brought the old one back. still like it but does anyone know how to activate the shop? i cant buy anything....

there's a korean version out. it sucks that qooapp hasnt put the apk up yet.

Five Kingdom (zh-TW)


absolutely lovely. had zero complaints until i tried to login today and it's basically deadlocked at the loading screen. i cant ever find a game that doesnt fuck off on me once i start makong progress

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