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i love it theres so much to be done and so many ways to get characters
the only sad part is the purchase area especially since i live in the us i cant buy anything and i cant make a jp google play acc for that



its good but rn i can't play it after the update all i get are yellow hand prints what is up with that?

im disappointed as it keeps giving me error connection even though my connection is fine

Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave


its an amazing game
you just have to have patience when downloading the data in the game
its suppoused to be a classic game
and take after the old playstation games like soldier soul
alot of people are quick to get frustated and make bad reviews of the game without giving it a proper chance
and of course not every game is the same and will fit the taste of everyone
everyone has different taste so just cause the game didnt work out for some people doesnt mean its okay to bash it

so its safe to say its a good game u just gotta save up on gems and items and do exp dungeons when u reach level 10

Genshin Impact


i would have given it all stars but the game refuses to load in properly and just freezes instead and the audio glitches

the game is good and easy to understand i love the moving graphics unlike bleach immortal soul does not have but i think voice acting would make it absolutely amazing hopefully they will add it soon

[無語][懵懂]its amazing tbh and the costumes are delight but my problem is when i reach stage 3-3 at my screen stays black after loading instead of sending me to the stage to play is anyone else having this problem? i can play the other levels just fine except that one

Mirage In The Flower


[無語]used to love the game i had to switch phones cause old one died now they made the login system complicated and is hard to even begin on a new acc here

i loved it but am upset they changed the login and am longer allowed to log in ,ive lost all my progress and am deeply hurt creators never think of how changing and getting rid of certain login systems makes users lose their game data and how they probably cant start over

Mukan Shu


[大哭]cannot play cause it keeps saying it was lost during download

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im trying to purchase the surpise pack for december but when i go to purchase the coins i get error no matter how many times i restart as it asks me is anyone else getting this error? Read Note
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