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From Vietnam, like ikemen and drawings
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From Vietnam, like ikemen and drawings
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A good concept for an escape game, operation is fairly smooth. The only thing is the translation still need more attention for better game play.

Another game with wholesome happy ending! the protag is such a strong and cute girl! I think this a new break from the series with only boy protagonists.
P/S: I spot the Narcissistic pretty boy from the other game!

Just wish that the localizer company took more effort and attention to the game. It's sad to see it shut down today. I did enjoy the game localization even though still flawed.

Lonely Guy


Relatable Little Yellow guy, as an introvert I feel you. I like the commentd he gave for every group of 'happy guy', some are very cliché.

For beginners short and easy. No idea why the player trapped in a room with a lots of muscle senpai who look like each other, quintuplets? Anyways, they kinda cute.

The Tale of Food | Global


Now I can enjoy the stories yayyyyyyy[開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]

Find the cat


10/10 for cute cats, the mini games also nice for stress release. cute bonus stages

Strange Escape Adventures


Cute pixel escape game. Customization features is a fresh thing in these kind of game. You can customize your character and the starting screen via collecting item after clearing stages. You can buy mistery box by in-game currency which you can easily earn ( very generous). Too bad there isn't many levels tho, I want more[大哭][大哭][大哭]

My Spine


Oddly challenging. So basically, you have to calculate the steps, place items so that the stalker ojisan don't catch up and ...hug you? But warning beforehand: horror stuffs, and the pig head and the rotten mechanic really catch me off[驚訝][驚訝][驚訝]

Short Escape Game Desk


A very nice little puzzle game, lovely ending also[害羞][害羞][害羞][色色][色色][色色]

Pastel Friends


Even without paid content, this already game has a wide variety avatar to build your character.But the packs are worth purchase really. Nice, please keep it up

I just want to say I love this game, everything about it[色色][色色][色色][色色][色色][色色][色色]

K-Zombie Saga: Idle Game


Cute and interesting at first look. Wish there could be more content stuff to upgrade in-game. And the system is kinda buggy. Overall, it's ok
Edit: I played more beta versions of this and this game still in developing state but improving, no bug encounter so far.

Superb, I don't know why but this game hooks me up every time they release new toudan or event. Never fail to amaze me. Love the gameplay and the story, like how they spice things up after map 5[鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉]

Loner Avoid


Nice, other boys made appearance in-game too, like an easter egg

So Sad To See the Boys Go! I haven't achieved much in this game, but I have some wonderful experience. The farewell letters are tear-jerkers. This game will forever be in my heart😢😢😢😢

Nice escape game, the hint system works fine. One minus point that is the ending and opening are not in English. The gameplay is in English

The Everlasting Regret


Beautiful graphic and storyline, short yet very deep. Hidden achievements are fun to get.

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